FRENCH KISS Premiere: Meet the Stars Tyler Ritter and Margot Luciarte

FRENCH KISS is a magical look at a young man taken on a wondrous adventure through Paris after his laptop goes missing.  Naturally, there is a beautiful woman involved and the allure of pursuing every clue that she leaves him proves too tempting and the adventure begins.  Employing a bit of “magical realism” to bring this delightful tale to life, there are flights of fancy and more than just a little bit of whimsy as Ethan Holloway (Tyler Ritter) follows the clues through the streets of Paris until he finds just where the unexpected adventure takes him.  

In honor of the new film FRENCH KISS, Marriott International hosted a special star-studded premiere at its hotel in Marina Del Rey last night.  In attendance were stars Tyler Ritter and Margot Luciate, along with various celebrity friends of the show, including: Shawn Hatosy (RECKLESS, SOUTHLAND), Georgina Haig (ONCE UPON A TIME, RECKLESS), Falk Hentschel (RECKLESS), Erica Gimpel (VERONICA MARS), Sebastian Roche (THE ORIGINALS, SUPERNATURAL), and Mark Hapka (GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE).

Before the special screening at the premiere, the stars and select guests stopped to chat with press about FRENCH KISS and their current projects.  Co-stars Tyler Ritter and Margot Luciarte shared how they found a common language to share in during filming and what they loved about filming FRENCH KISS in Paris:

Also taking a few minutes to share their excitement for FRENCH KISS and what they are currently working on were stars Erica Gimpel, Sebastian Roche, Mark Hapka and Falk Hentschel.

Sebastian Roche

In this last season of THE ORIGINALS, we saw the big death of Papa Mikaelson.  How hard was that for you to film or did you just enjoy it?
SEBASTIAN:  I knew it was going to happen.  It’s always hard to do because it’s never nice to die, but at the same time, you never know with THE ORIGINALS because nobody ever truly ever dies.  It was actually a really fun scene to do with Joseph Morgan.  It was a really emotional scene, so I really enjoyed that.  I enjoyed the whole dynamic.

Do you relish playing these villains, as you have done quite a few villain roles recently?
SEBASTIAN:  (Laughs) That is pretty much all I do is play villains.  I just finished doing a job where I played a more subtle villain. I don’t always see them as villains.  They do horrific actions, but who doesn’t do horrific actions on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES or THE ORIGINALS?  I just bring it up a notch.  He is a king in the perfection of evil doing. 

Have you found you have acquired an affinity for fake blood because you have been filming with it so much?
SEBASTIAN:  I hate fake blood because it’s sweet and I don’t really like anything that it sweet.  So, no, I don’t like the taste.  But I do have it on my face most of the time.

There has been kind of a fan petition to have you brought onto the show ARROW as Felicity’s father.
SEBASTIAN:  Oh, you’ve heard about that.  I would love to.  I just did a fan event with David Ramsey, with whom I got along with like a house on fire, who plays Diggle.  So that would be fantastic to be on ARROW. I would really love to do that — to play Papa Smoak or Damien Darhk.  I mean, I’m open to any adventure!

Is your schedule open for it?
SEBASTIAN: (Laughs) Yeah, I’m sure I can squeeze that in.

And what are you looking forward to seeing in FRENCH KISS?
SEBASTIAN:  I’m an old friend of John Gray’s.  So first of all, I’m interested in seeing my native city because I was born in Paris and I’m a Parisian actually, even though I’m English; and I love John’s work.  So I’m looking forward to seeing a nice romantic comedy set in Paris.

Mark Hapka

Mark Hapka also shared how in a long legacy of creating content exclusively for the web, Sander/Moses prior work on the GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE webseries was perhaps one of the first of its kind back in 2007, winning the TV Guide Award for Best Drama webseries.  While he laughingly noted that at that time, webseries were unheard of, it was the dawn of what would be come a regular form of entertainment in today’s changing television world where multi platforms and venues are not available.  When asked what drew him to a webseries at a time where practically nobody knew what it was, Mark laughingly replied, “I didn’t know what a webseries was either at the time, but I just interested in any project that came my way. Then I found out who it was for and what it was for and, funny enough, it was one of the worst auditions I had ever done.”  But that clearly was not the case as Mark not only got the job, he went on to work on DAYS OF OUR LIVES and launched a steady movie career.  Be sure to look for his current films “23 Blast,” which is coming out on VOD and DVD after being released last Winter and “Parallels,” which was released on Netflix.  Mark happy shared that “Parallels” has gone viral with over 400,000 star reviews in one week and over one million views.  “Parallels” is described as grounded sci-fi, based on jumping through parallel universes.  He also shared that Neil Gaiman has signed on to write the next installment of “Parallels” and Mark hopes he can be further involved as the series continues.  

Erica Gimpel

Erica Gimpel was clearly excited to join in the FRENCH KISS festivities and to talk about her current one-woman show in Los Angeles:

Falk Hentschel

Then, as can be seen from a few of the red carpet photos, it was a mini-reunion night with some of the cast of RECKLESS in attendance, including Georgina Haig, Shawn Hatosy and Falk Hentschel.  Be sure to cheek out Falk’s message to the RECKLESS fans in this video:

Both RECKLESS and the new film FRENCH KISS come from executive producers Ian Sander and Kim Moses.  It was wonderful to see the warm camaraderie between all the talent from the Sander/Moses ventures over the years from GHOST WHISPERER to RECKLESS to FRENCH KISS.  

To find out more about how FRENCH KISS was filmed and brought to life, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with co-executive producers Ian Sander and Kim Moses.  LINK:

Then to watch FRENCH KISS, as of Tuesday, May19th, it is available for viewing on the Marriott YouTube Channel at and

Discover the magic of FRENCH KISS and let it inspire you on a journey to Paris or some place just as magical.