FOX Launches Green Guide

As part of News Corp.’s ongoing commitment to reducing its impact on climate change and the environment, Fox Entertainment Group has launched the FOX Green Guide , a web-based tool designed to enable television, film, sports, news and event producers and crew members to efficiently find climate- and environment-conscious guidance, as well as information on vendors who provide low-carbon and eco-friendly products and services.

The new site aims to make green solutions for productions easy-to-find and cost-effective. In addition, the tool will be open to the public and available worldwide. We invite the global production community to use the site and to contribute vendor suggestions and feedback.

The new site’s detailed collection of “Best Practices” for greening feature films, television shows, news broadcasts, sports productions and events, includes resources for choosing locations, décor and catering, energy and generator power, transportation and fuels, and for setting up a “green” carpet. Each resource section includes information on selecting vendors, tracking carbon emissions, educating staff and personnel, choosing locations, implementing recycling and waste programs and cutting energy use. also features a global vendor guide, providing information on more than 1,300 companies and vendors that provide environmentally friendly products and services and that are eco-conscious themselves.