Fourth Wave Of Pilot Previews From TakeFiveGal


Trauma Cast Photo

I’m back from a real-job induced break to discuss the last 7 Network pilots that I have yet to cover, so technically a “Take Seven” instead….in order from best to worst (only fall show missing so far is The Forgotten on ABC, and I’ve seen clips, and didn’t hate it, so it’s got that going for it)!

1.    V – I had never heard of the miniseries of the same name before I heard that ABC was making their own version of the story, as a weekly series, starring Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin.  Now, I’ve seen the pilot and I’m absolutely 100% on board for whatever the series throws at me.  The cast is phenomenal, the effects are brilliant, and aside from a few loose ends, I think this was one of the best pilots I’ve seen in years!  It’s the miniseries you remember, done in a gorgeous fashion! A+

2.    Life UneXpected – Dawson’s Creek, Roswell, Felicity – that whole WB era was when I first got totally hooked on TV.  It was fabulous to see this pilot and immediately be thrown back into the awesomeness of that time!  Kerr Smith, Shiri Appleby – loved them both back when they were WB teenagers, and now their CW adults, and I still enjoy them!  Kris Polaha is fantastic, and I can totally see myself tuning in when this show premieres in the spring. A  

3.    Trauma – Trauma is your basic procedural / medical show with the angst and the characters you love to hate and the storylines that will most likely eventually be ripped from the headlines.  That it’s about trauma ‘copter pilots and ambulance drivers, makes it a little unique.  It was pretty run of the mill, but I think Anastasia Griffith is brilliant, so it ranks a little higher than average!  B

4.    Melrose Place – I was a huge fan of the original series of the same exact name and location.  So I was skeptical going into the pilot, but I have to say, the pilot didn’t let me down as much as I was expecting it to.  Michael Rady is fantastic, and I actually think Katie Cassidy has the chops to be the new Amanda, but Ashlee Wentz and Shaun Sipos have perfected the dead-eye look kind of acting, so I’m not knocking off a few points.  B- verging on a C

5.    Mercy – I liked Guillermo Diaz’s character.  And I liked the sassy nurse that dates the lawyer.  But other than that, nothing stood out in this show as anything that will draw me back week after week.  Will probably warrant a series recording, just to see how long Diego Klattenhoff can keep up the horrible accent.  I hope that the rush into production doesn’t bring down an already flat series.  C

6.    The Beautiful Life – I didn’t even see the full pilot (it was a 25 minute presentation that they sent out), and I can tell that the show is not for me.  Sara Paxton is adorable, and I love Nico Tortorella, but the acting is bland, at best, and not even Elle MacPherson can save the day.  C-

7.    Hank – Oh Kelsey Grammar, where did it all go so very, very wrong?  In the 22 minutes of the Hank pilot, I laughed once.  I forced myself to make it through the other 21.5 minutes, understanding why some people might find the force-fed jokes funny, but not appreciating it for one minute.  I’m sorry, Frasier. D