Flash Forward

Flash Forward Cast Photo

It’s been a few months now since I checked out the series premiere of FlashForward, and even after watching everything else that the networks had to offer, I’m still convinced that it’s going to be my favorite new show of the fall.  There’s not much that can be said (without giving away huge plot points) other than the premise behind FlashForward is that the world blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and when they wake up, they realize that collectively they “Flashed Forward” to the future.  April 29, 2010, to be exact.

What the pilot sets up is an idea that we aren’t really sure of what the future holds, and if we know, what do we do about it?  Can it be changed; if you didn’t flash forward, are you dead in 8 months?  If you’re pregnant in the future, do you need to go out and find yourself a baby-daddy, to fulfill the prophecy?  Is this the real future, or is this something driven by some evil force, trying to have the whole world go mad?  The series sets up so many questions that I’m a little bit wary of jumping full in, knowing that a show that asks too many questions can frustrate me, regardless of quality.  But the excitement of having a show to possibly replace Lost when it leaves me next year outweighs any hesitation and I’m so excited to see what could possibly happen next.  Especially after the incredible twist of an ending!

Don’t miss FlashForward’s premiere before Grey’s Anatomy on ABC tonight!



Series Premiere: Thursday, September 24th on ABC 8:00/7:00c