Five Series TakeFiveGal Can’t Wait To Have Back On The Air

Bones Cast Photo

It’s all about the returning series that I’ve been counting down the summer days for!!

1.    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Have you seen the Kitten Mittens video?  That alone should be reason to put this how #1 on any list of must see returning series!  I love this bunch of crazy people who spend their time in Paddy’s Pub.  This season, they promise a road trip, a return from Green Man, a World Series party celebration, and more! 

2.    Sons of Anarchy – Man, FX does dark, gritty, dangerous, murderous, scandalous and painful better than any channel – network or cable!  The second season of Sons of Anarchy takes that pain and danger, and motorcycle club problems, and ratchets it up a notch.  The cast is stellar – Jax has more to do and is starting to take a stand.  Gemma has a whole other batch of problems to deal with, problems that bring her closer to Tara.  And Adam Arkin and Henry Rollins show up in time to bring a whole new fight to SAMCRO.  So good.  Please watch!

3.    Bones – Somewhere along the line, Bones became my favorite network drama.  I love the Booth and Bones dynamic, and even with the horrible season ender that took the “it was only a dream” to a new level, I am so excited to see what happens next!  This year promises more rotating interns (Mr Nigel-Murray for the win), more dead people, and more romantic woes for Angela and Hodgins, as well as Booth and Bones.  You didn’t lose me, Bones; I’m in it for the long haul!

4.    The Big Bang Theory – I am so in love with this show!  The cast is as hilarious in real life as on screen, and it just makes me love it 100 times more!  When we left the boys, they were tucked away in the arctic with nothing but each other for company, and Penny realized that maybe she would miss Leonard a little too much!  And the pictures that are coming out from the season premiere already have me laughing, so I’m sure they’re going to be back and better than ever this year!

5.    Dexter – I had a hard time adding Dexter to the list.  It’s one of my favorite shows, for sure, but the third season was a little uneven, and left me feeling a little cold.  I have been following Julie Benz and John Lithgow on Twitter and their insights and thoughts on the season are starting to get me totally excited about Season 4.  Dexter has a baby now, which changes the whole serial killer thing, but we’re not exactly sure how much or in what ways!  And of course, Keith Carradine is back, and there’s a new serial killer on the loose!  Plus, added bonus?  Quinn is back, and I really liked Quinn, even though he was maybe a crooked cop!