FIFA 12 And NBA JAM Bring Their “A” Game To Android


Sports fans rejoice! The pulse-pounding FIFA 12 and the bombastic NBA JAM are ready to score big on Google Play.

With FIFA ’12, sports fans can experience the passion of football with ultra-realistic animations and vibrant graphics. As the only fully licensed football game on Android, FIFA 12 boasts over 500 international clubs and leagues, from the English Premiership to La Liga and beyond. That’s enough authenticity to get any football fan’s blood running.

Old school and new school gamers alike will take delight in NBA JAM. Remember the 360 rimrocker? It’s here. Big Head Mode? Got that, too. All of the classic arcade game’s unforgettable features — like outrageous cheats, ridiculously satisfying dunks, and infinitely quotable catch phrases — are back.

FIFA 12 and NBA JAM may bring different flavors to the mobile arena, but they’re both in the same league when it comes to fun. Check them out today on Google Play.