EXCLUSIVE Science Channel Sneak Peek Clips

Science Channel continues as the destination for all things science as they happen on cable with two space premieres tonight.

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In “Landing on a Comet: One Year Later” at 9PM (from 9-9:05PM) Science Channel marks the one-year anniversary of the Rosetta Mission – in Nov. 2014 a spacecraft slipped into orbit around a comet for the first time ever – and looks back at this historic moment in space exploration.

Then in an all-new Secret Space Escapes at 10PM, a deadly collision in orbit punctures the hull of Russian space station, MIR. As oxygen seeps into space, the crew’s lifeboat begins to die. An astronaut, Mike Foale, becomes trapped in an airlock with only a depleted oxygen tank to survive.

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SECRET SPACE ESCAPES reveals terrifying accidents, fights for survival, and stories of close calls and near misses by the astronauts who survived them. This all-new series offers chilling accounts of the challenges of space exploration as told only by the explorers who lived them and the men and women in mission control who helped each team avert accidents. Recounting missions as recent as 2013, SECRET SPACE ESCAPES will draw viewers into the emotional experience of space exploration. SECRET SPACE ESCAPES airs Tuesdays at 10 on Science Channel.