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EXCLUSIVE MEN WOMEN WILD Episode 2 Sneak Peek Clip

MEN WOMEN WILD is a 6-part series told from the survivalists’ unique point of view. The couples will be dropped off in three of the harshest environments in the world, and for three weeks they will have to live off of the land, navigate the vast, unknown terrain and find their way back to civilization, but only if they can survive the wild and each other. Throughout each journey, the couples will share their experience and lead viewers through their triumphs and setbacks as they attempt to survive.

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Airs Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery

With only the clothes on their backs and the gear in their bag, Jenny and Justin struggle to find their first meal in a week, a raging forest fire forces Mitchell and Jhoanna to flee for their lives; and Max and Linn try to surpass their predecessors.

EXCLUSIVE MEN WOMEN WILD Episode 2 Sneak Peek Clip

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