EXCLUSIVE : LOVE FINDS YOU IN CHARM Scoop: Drew Fuller Interview

The new UP Channel movie LOVE FINDS YOU IN CHARM is a delightful tale of true love and self-determination as a young Amish woman Emma (Danielle Chuchran) embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads her to the town of Charm, where she encounters two young men, Noah (Trevor Donovan) and Andy (Drew Fuller) who help her figure out just where her dreams will lead.   Shall Emma embrace exploring outside of her culture and follow her dream of traveling and seeing a world waiting to be discovered, or shall she rededicate herself to the only life she has ever known?  Only Emma can decide where her path lies and if there is a great romance at the end of the rainbow.  

In an exclusive interview, star Drew Fuller talked about playing Andy, the man who sweeps Emma off her feet and promises her a world of travel and exciting adventures.

How did you find out about this film and what attracted you to it?
DREW:  I found the project through my agent as there was a producer I had worked with back in the day and he had talked to the director about me, and so our mutual friend put us in touch. After talking to Terry [Cunningham] I thought he knew exactly who there characters are and where he wants this story to go.  I didn’t think it was going to be cookie-cutter.  I thought he had an interesting take on these characters.  So we hit it off instantly and I really wanted to work with him on the film.  That was it.  And as far as playing Andy Nevins, what was great as far as the character is he is not a character I normally get to play.  I was attracted to the character as it was something new and different and allowed me to stretch my acting muscles.

Andy initially comes across as a prospective suitor and then we get to see some different layers as we get to know him a bit more.  So it did come across as more in-depth of a role.
DREW:  I definitely felt I had the most fun role.  Andy was so different than what he original presented himself as. So it was a fun character to explore, one that was all shiny and polished and seemed to have the world on a string and we come to find out that he has other things going on, like the issues with his family and his sense of entitlement and how Emma responds to that.

What did you most admire about Andy?
DREW: That is a tough thing to say.  I think Andy has a passion for life.  He loves traveling and he loves good food.  I think that passion for things like that and for life experiences was my way into getting who he was.

What do you think really brought him to Charm?  Was it just because of his job?
DREW:  It was just one of those road trips, like Anthony Bourdain and traveling across America and you hear about something, like, “You’ve got to try this barbecue and you go there and you try it out.” That was Andy’s approach.  He heard about this festival that produces really incredible cheese and there was a story there.  He didn’t have any motive other than to explore and have a new adventure.

What does Andy see in Emma? What sparks his interest?
DREW:  There’s something really appealing about someone who is so innocent and unaffected.  I think now today, we are so inundated with mobile devices and social media — whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — that when we meet someone who doesn’t even own a television and who gets her imagination from books, there is something appealing about that and he thinks, “Let me be the one who shows you what the world really can offer.”  

Do you think Andy deserves to win Emma’s heart?
DREW:  [Laughs] Everything Emma wants, she already has on some level, and Andy may need someone who is a bit more worldly.  As to whether he is worthy or not, I do not necessarily know.

If there were to be another LOVE FINDS YOU movie, would you be interested in revisiting that world?
DREW:  As an actor, sure.  But as we see in the end of the film, it’s a year later and Emma’s happy, so I’m not sure if there is more to tell there.

What did you learn and enjoy about working on LOVE FINDS YOU IN CHARM?
DREW:  I love traveling and getting to go to places I would not normally get to go to.  I had never even heard of Sugar Creek, Ohio and I had never been to the Heartland, so that was a really cool experience.  I like traveling, exploring and being a “fish out of water.”  It was fascinating to just drive around and go into these small towns and meet people and see a different way of life. I was born and raised in L.A., so I’ve spent most of my time in L.A. or New York, so visiting small towns like that was fascinating.  I really enjoyed it.

Is that something you’d like to do more of in your career, film in locations that allow you to travel and explore?
DREW:  Besides filming in L.A. and New York, my career has taken me to Europe, to Canada, and all across the United States.  I feel very grateful and blessed for the opportunities I have had and all the traveling as well.

If there were a future opportunity to work with UP Channel or those you worked with on this project, would you want to do that?
DREW:  For sure.  I would definitely love to work with Terry [Cunningham], the director, again.  He’s one of those people who could reach out and I’d work with again.  I dig him.  He loves film and he loves talking about old movies and stuff like that.  So if he ever came calling and said he had a role for me, I’d be on the next flight.  I’m always open if there is a good character.  If there is an interesting character, then it is something I want to explore.

What did you think when you finally got to watch the final version of LOVE FINDS YOU IN CHARM?
DREW:  I thought it was beautiful.  I thought the score was stunning and loved how the landscape was brought in.   I also thought all the actors were really fantastic in their roles.  It’s a really good family film with a good message and good characters. It’s really a sweet movie.  

To find out if the dashing Andy or the steadfast Noah can help Emma figure out the true path to happiness in her life, be sure to tune in for the premiere of LOVE FINDS YOU IN CHARM on Sunday, June 7th at 7:00 p.m. on UP Channel.