EXCLUSIVE : AMERICAN GOTHIC Scoop: Shining The Spotlight on Gabriel Bateman

This summer has seen its fair share of spooky television shows and films, and one young actor reaping the benefit of all that has been Gabriel Bateman.  Currently co-starring in the CBS‘ mystery drama AMERICAN GOTHIC, Gabriel portrays Jack Hawthorne, who may or may not be exhibiting signs of being an early-developed sociopath obsessed with death and killing, much to his father Cam Hawthorne’s horror.  Gabriel’s performance has ten bone-chilling and haunts long after he has left the screen.  It was therefore remarkable to get a chance to chat in an exclusive interview with the upbeat young actor about working on AMERICAN GOTHIC and what he enjoys about that experience.

AMERICAN GOTHIC is a crazy little show, isn’t it?
GABRIEL:    Yes, it is.

How fun has that role been for you?
GABRIEL:  It was great to be on AMERICAN GOTHIC.  The cast were all amazing and they just do their job so well.  When you have a really good cast it just kind of pulls you into it more.

Who was one of your favorite people to work with?
GABRIEL:  One of my favorites was Megan Ketch and another was Stephanie Leonidis, who plays my character’s mom.  And Justin Chatwin.

Did you know from the beginning you were going to play such a dark character?
GABRIEL:    Yeah.  The audition it was some of the scenes from the show and it was some of them were dark things he’d done, like cut off a cat’s tail.  So I knew going into it kind of what it was.

That’s pretty cool.  You’re playing such a twisty character.  Do you work with an acting coach or do you come by that naturally?
GABRIEL:    No, I don’t have an acting coach.  I just come and do it.  I just kind of trying to relate as much as I can and then the rest is just happening.

So what else are you working on?
GABRIEL:    Well, I filmed a movie called “Lights Out,” which is actually out in theaters right now.  And I’m also in Cinemax’s OUTCAST.

Is it fun is that for you doing those kinds of darker roles?
GABRIEL:    I actually prefer the more serious roles.  Not necessarily a thriller, but any role that’s kind of more than just your regular role because it’s real interesting to play that type of character rather than just a comedy.  I do like comedy, but what I like about acting is just kind of stepping into the different characters.  So that’s why I like different roles.

Do you ever feel like you’re a snake and you are shedding different skins to portray these characters?
GABRIEL:    Yeah, sometimes.  If you go from one role to the next really fast you kind of have to let go.

Why do you like doing all this?
GABRIEL:    My favorite part is stepping into someone that you’re not.  Just becoming someone new.  It never gets boring because it’s different each time.  And you meet such amazing people.  Like everyone I met on set from AMERICAN GOTHIC, who I filmed with for six months. So it’s like becoming a family.

It is a great experience, isn’t it? And then you get to go off and do a film and then you get to do another show.
GABRIEL:    Yeah.

What are you doing on OUTCAST so far?
GABRIEL:    Well, I’ve been done the pilot and the first two episodes.  That is all I’ve done so far.

And you are definitely not going to reveal who is the killer on AMERICAN GOTHIC, right?
GABRIEL:  No, I cannot tell you that.  [Laughs]

To see what other crazy twists and the killer surprise coming up on AMERICAN GOTHIC, be sure to catch the final two episodes on Wednesday, August 24 and 31, followed by the 2 hour finale on September 7th on CBS.  (Also look for Gabriel’s appearance in Season 1 of OUTCAST airing on Cinemax and in his new film “Lights Out.”)