Entourage Cast Photo

ENTOURAGE: Jerry Ferrara, Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon. photo: Michael Muller 

Vinnie and the boys are back Sunday night for an all new season of Entourage on HBO.  Picking up a few months after where we left them, Vinnie is now the celebrated star of a Scorcese movie that’s getting great reviews, and E is making a much bigger name for himself in the management world.  Turtle’s relationship with Jamie-Lyn Sigler (Jerry Ferrara’s real-life love) is in full swing, and Johnny Drama is just as clueless as ever.  The real highlight, as he’s been for years, is Jeremy Piven’s Ari.  He’s struggling with his newest agent (Gary Cole, always a treat), and Lloyd’s demands for a promotion, and he’s as over the top and wordy as he’s always been!

In short, this season seems to be off to a better start than last year’s depressing inside look into what happens when a movie star’s heat is in decline.  A happy Vinnie and company is a much more exciting show to watch and by the end of the second episode, the view we have into what’s coming is optimistic to say the least.  Autumn Reaser and Jami Gertz guest star in pivotal roles and Emmanualle Chriqui is back as Sloan, to cause E just a little more frustration than he needs!

Though the show doesn’t pack as much humor as comedies we typically see, this is a genuinely enjoyable beginning to what should be a great season!

Premiere: Sunday, July 12th on HBO  10:30 EST