Enchanted DVD Review

Enchanted Amy Adams Photo

Amy Adams is wonderful in the charming tale of an animated princess named Giselle who, through the wicked witchery of Susan Sarandon’s evil Queen Narissa, ends up in the harsh 3-D world of New York City. Giselle really is a live-action combination of Cinderella and Snow White, trying to make lemons out of lemonade, or dresses out of curtains, as it were. Though Prince Edward (James Marsden) shows up, ready to be her knight in shining armor, Giselle falls for the cynical New Yorker named Robert (played with charm by Patrick Dempsey). I could have done without the shrewish girlfriend that Idina Menzel plays, and I’m shocked that a woman of her singing caliber was not cast in a singing role! Long story short, it’s got everything that a Disney movie needs – a beautiful princess who sings with chipmunks and deer, a charming prince who slays dragons, an evil Queen trying to keep the throne to herself, a minion trying to off the beautiful princess, true love, singing, dancing, cleaning, a sword fight, tights, and a well played happy ending.
Rating: B +

    * The Enchanted DVD and Blu-ray Disc will magically transport viewers from Giselle’s animated home in Andalasia to live-action Times Square and back for an array of enchanting bonus features, including:
    * PIP'S PREDICAMENT: A POP-UP ADVENTURE – Giselle’s chipmunk friend Pip stars in this new short—magical pop-up, storybook style. While Giselle gets used to life in
    * New York, Pip embarks on a daring mission to rescue Prince Edward.
    * FANTASY COMES TO LIFE – Discover the cinematic wizardry that went into the making of Enchanted in three behind-the-scenes featurettes: “Happy Working Song,” “That’s How You Know,” “A Blast at the Ball”
    * DELETED SCENES – Including exclusive intros by director Kevin Lima

The Blu-ray Disc contains all of the above, plus:

    * THE D-FILES – Enchanted is loaded with witty hidden references to classic Disney films. “The D-Files” rewards players who spot them with a short featurette showing the original Disney reference. High scoring players are treated to three extra special videos: “So Close,” “Making Ever Ever After” and “True Love’s Kiss.”

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