EMPIRES Megaset DVD Contest


Seat42f and A&E Home Entertainment have teamed up to give TWO lucky winners a copy of EMPIRES on DVD. For a chance to win leave a comment below telling us why you want to add EMPIRES to your DVD collection. Only one entry per person. Contest ends October 31st. Winners will be notified on November 1st via email so make sure to use a valid email address when you post your comment. Open to US & Canadian residents only.


Relive the triumphs and the tragedies, alongside the heroes and the
villains, of the most influential empires in history as HISTORY™
explores the spectacular glory – and gory spectacles – of the past in
this 14-DVD megaset.

From the most brutal and feared leaders of the ancient world to the
first Roman-Barbarian War and every gruesome battle that followed during
the empire’s slow decline to the mindboggling construction feats and
gravity-defying masterpieces of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks and the
origins of the Huns, Goths, Vikings, and Mongols, powerful leaders
whose military strength and overwhelming drive kept empires on three
continents in terror for centuries, this collection of acclaimed
programming details every facet of the world’s greatest civilizations.

The EMPIRES megaset includes episodes from the highly praised HISTORY series Rome:
Rise and Fall of an Empire; Engineering an Empire; Ancients Behaving Badly; and


  • Engineering an Empire Season 1 Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
  • Egypt Featurettes “Inside Look”, “From The Director’s Chair”, and “Everything You Wanted To Know About Egypt”
  • Rome Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
  • Bonus Documentary “Modern Marvels: Barbarian Battle Tech”
  • Genghis Kahn: Terror and Conquest Episode of A&E’s award-winning series BIOGRAPHY
  • Barbarians Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
  • The most in-depth television series ever produced by HISTORY™,
    AMERICA THE STORY OF US is the first television event in nearly
    40 years to present a comprehensive telling of America’s monumental
    history, and the most elaborate and ambitious in the scale of its
    cinematic vision. 
    And, on September 14, A&E Home Entertainment unveils this
    mother of all history lessons, a powerful and compelling 12-part series
    from the creative minds that brought us
    Planet Earth, featuring highly realistic
    CGI a nimation (the most ambitious CGI the network has ever applied to a
    historical narrative), dramatic re-creations and thoughtful insights
    from some of America’s most respected artists,
    business leaders, academics and intellectuals – as well as a very
    special introduction from President Barack Obama. 
    For Americans of all walks, this extraordinary release will be
    available day-and-date on both extras-laden DVD ($39.95 SRP) and Blu-ray
    ($49.95 SRP), online downloads, along with a stunning 412-page
    companion book containing heavily illustrated pages
    with over 300 full-color images, “charticles” and text.