EA SPORTS MMA to Feature STRIKEFORCE as a Premier League


I haven’t really seen much from EA SPORTS MMA, but I’m extremely excited for its release. I mean, boxing is cool, but contact sports are so much more entertaining when you can knee a fighter in the face, slam them to the ground, and then put them in a choke hold until they tap or pass out.

But of course, EA SPORTS needs to make sure they have the kind of fighters on the roster that can pull off such a combination of moves, which is why they announced that STRIKEFORCE will be featured as a premier league in MMA. STRIKEFORCE has some of the greatest MMA fighters, including Brett Rogers and Jake Shields, who fought November 7th on CBS.

Also incorporated into MMA will be STRIKEFORCE commentators Mauro Ranallo and legendary fighter Frank Shamrock, with well-known referee “Big John” McCarthy overseeing the in-ring action and Jimmy Lennon Jr. doing the ring announcing.

For the full report, read the official press release, and for EA SPORTS MMA info, visit the Official Website or follow the game on Twitter at easportsmma.