EA SPORTS And Toy Island Line Of Innovative Sporting Goods Hits Shelves This Fall

A unique new line of EA SPORTS, a label of EA, branded sports equipment created by Toy Island will be in stores and available for purchase this fall. Designed to help young players take the excitement for sports to a new level as well as to develop core sports skills, Toy Island has begun rolling out the Sweet Spot Sports, Voice Command and Sure Shot lineup of EA SPORTS-branded products. All products will be on shelves by early October.

This is the first merchandising deal of its kind for the EA SPORTS brand under a partnership with IMG announced in February 2008. IMG Licensing, a division of global sports and entertainment company IMG, is the exclusive worldwide consumer product and brand licensing agent for the EA SPORTS brand.

“We’re expanding the brand to give young and future EA SPORTS fans a realistic and innovative experience in the real-world of sports, just as you can in the interactive world by playing an EA SPORTS videogame,” said Glenn Chin, Vice President of Brand Marketing at EA SPORTS. “In our games, EA SPORTS strives for playing experiences that are authentic and help fans enjoy and learn more about the sports they love.  With these products, we’re helping young players find their passion and skills for sports as well, while also learning the proper techniques as they go.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our line of EA SPORTS-branded products,” added Robert Weinberg, CEO of Toy Island. “It was our intention along with EA to bring something completely different to the youth sports category and I believe we have succeeded in doing so.”

The unique and differentiated EA SPORTS-branded products are bringing classic sports activities to life in many new ways, utilizing infrared motion, touch sensors, and voice command.  Each EA SPORTS-branded item helps the player become a better athlete by improving their basic throwing, fielding, kicking or basketball skills, and also offers fun game modes that bring out the thrill of competition.

EA SPORTS branded products will be available for young baseball, football, basketball, soccer and hockey players. Additional products are expected to follow this year’s launch. The initial products available in this fall include:

Sweet Spot Sports Product Line

The Sweet Spot Sports line of products comes with special electronic features that emit an audio reward when a user hits or holds the ball in the right spot, the “sweet spot” improving accuracy and hand-eye coordination.  All Sweet Spot Sports products have an MSRP between $14.99-$19.99. The following Sweet Spot Sports products are designed for youth ages 5 and up:

  • Sweet Spot Football

  • Sweet Spot Baseball with Bat

  • Sweet Spot Hockey Stick and Puck

  • Sweet Spot Basketball and Hoop

Voice Command and Sure Shot Product Lines

The Voice Command and Sure Shot product lines, which have MSRPs between $69.99-$79.99, feature interactive training tools with instructional coaching to help athletes ages 5 and up hone their techniques. Whatever the sport-baseball, football, basketball, soccer or hockey-the Voice Command and Sure Shot product lines take the excitement of sports simulations out of the digital realm and into the physical world.   Products include:

  • Voice Command Pitching Machine

  • Voice Command Quarterback

  • Sure Shot Basketball

  • Sure Shot Hockey and Sure Shot Soccer combo (Available Exclusively at Target Stores)