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DTT 9/18/2007

ImageThe top 10 stories, ideas, books, movies, music, words or just about anything else under the sun that isn't TV related.


The Question – Top Ten Fall Movies Seat42f Is Going To See…At The Theater. 

1: The Kingdom – Batemen, Garner and Mr. FNL himself Peter Berg directs.

2: Across The Universe – The Beatles and Bono.. We're In…

3: The Darjeeling Limited – Wes Anderson film. Enough said.

4: Michael Clayton – Have yet to not like one Clooney film.

5: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Digital Re-Release – Never gets old.

6: American Gangster – Denzel and Crowe star in this Ridley Scott pic.

7: Fred Claus- Christmas and Vince Vaughn what's not to like. 

8: I Am Legend – Will Smith as the last man on Earth.

9: Charlie Wilson's War- Hanks and Roberts lead the way in this CIA thriller. 

10: There Will Be Blood – Don't care for the title but it's a PT Anderson flick with Daniel Day-Lewis. .


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