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DTT 9/17/2007

Turtle Entourage PhotoThe top 10 stories, ideas, books, movies, music, words or just about anything else under the sun that isn't TV related.


The Question – What were the Seat42f Top Ten moments from The Emmy's?

1: Katherine Heigl correcting the announcers pronunciation of her name.

2: The endless complaints about the bad seating. Which ring to us fans at home like complaining about being the poorest millionaire. 

3: Ryan Seacrest poking fun at Paula Abdul about the post party scene.

4: Helen Mirren and Sally Field looking sexier then women half their age. 

5: The Office montage with John Krasinksi and Jenna Fischer talking about Steve Carell. Plus seeing Colbert,Stewart and Carell in a group hug. Priceless!!!!!

6: Brad Garrett proclaiming that Joely Fisher looked so good "she just made Charlie Sheen's to do list." 

7: "The Family Guy" musical introduction. 

8: Jerry Ferrera (Turtle from Entourage ) trying to keep the E! microphone as his "faux" Emmy trophy.

9: James Spader saying he felt like he just "stole the Emmy" from the mob.

10: Watching a lot of people struggle with the steps leading to the circular stage and amazed no one fell.


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