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DTT 9/15/2007

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The Question – Which shows should I not add to my fall schedule?

The Answer – Interesting question from one of our readers. With all of the "best of' lists out there why not a ten to avoid. These responses are based on pilot episodes and as we all know a show can go from bad pilot to great series. The reverse holds true as well with plenty of great pilots that turned into bad series. We ranked all the pilots and these were the last 10 pilot/presentations on the list. Many of these have recast and reworked their series so we expect better things as the season starts.

1: Nashville – FOX

2: Viva Laughlin – CBS

3: Life Is Wild – The CW

4: Big Shots – ABC

5: Kid Nation – CBS

6: K-Ville- FOX

7: Moonlight – CBS

8: Carpoolers – ABC

9: Private Practice – ABC

10: Samantha Who? – ABC


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