Doctor Who The Next Doctor

The first of a the new Doctor Who specials on BBC America airs tonight and I have to say that it really makes me positive that I’m going to miss David Tennant when the new Doctor takes over.  But for now, let’s focus on the special at hand!

The current doctor arrives in 1851 Londontown for what appears to be a Christmas holiday. Once there he quickly encounters a man who also calls himself the Doctor while trying to capture what looks like a monkey wearing a metal mask. The two Doctors then team up (David Tennant’s Doctor thinking that David Morrissey’s Doctor is the newest incarnation of timelord) to defeat the Cybermen who are wreaking havoc on the city.  Together the two Doctors are equal parts hilarious and serious, and really make for compelling TV!

What I love – maybe most – about this show is that the supposedly highly advanced technology is nothing more than a man walking around in a metal costume, but that it doesn’t detract from the fact that these are life or death situations that The Doctor constantly finds himself in!  David Tennant could literally have chemistry with a door, so seeing him interact with this new Doctor and his companion, it’s brilliance.  This is a must see, so don’t forget to watch or set the DVR!  Incidentally, Matt Smith has big shoes to fill when he eventually steps in.