Doctor Who The Monster Of Peladon DVD Contest

Seat42f and BBC America have teamed up to give 3 lucky winners a copy of Doctor Who The Monster Of Peladon on DVD. For a chance to win leave a comment below telling us why you want to add Doctor Who The Monster Of Peladon to your DVD collection. Only one entry per person. Contest ends May 21st. Winners will be notified on May 22nd via email so make sure to use a valid email address when you post your comment.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Date: May 4th, 2010

The BBC releases onto DVD the digitally remastered Doctor Who classic in the 2-disc set – Doctor Who: The Monster of Peladon. Arriving 50 years after the TARDIS first visit to Peladon, the Doctor (Jon Pertwee, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Attack of the Hawkmen) and Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen, The Sarah Jane Adventures) discover a troubled planet ruled by the late king’s daughter. Peladon is at the center of a war and the Galactic Federation desperately needs a mineral found in the mines. But why is the ghost of Aggedor killing miners, and why can’t everyone be trusted? Queen Thalira (Nina Thomas) needs the Doctor’s help to find out. The 2-disc set contains a plethora of bonus features including cast, crew and fan commentaries; interviews; deleted scenes and more.