DARK MATTER Season 3: Unraveling the Raza Crew Adventures From A to Z

From the first moments of the series, DARK MATTER has been slowly revealing who its characters are and how their fates intersect.  In Season 1, when six strangers awoke finding their memories erased aboard the spaceship Raza, they all simply called each other by the number sequence from which they had awoke; and, through Seasons 1 and 2, the Raza crew embarked on a journey of self-discovery as they struggled to survive amongst all the threats swirling around them.  But, as Season 3 opens, and while their former identities are no longer a mystery, each of the surviving members of the Raza crew is still trying to find their proper identity and position in the universe.  Unfortunately, the loss of one of their own in Season 2 left a gapping hole in their hearts and then, after another one of their crew having chose to abandon them and revert to his former identity, the remaining Raza crew clings to each other. To better understand who the Raza crew are among the mysteries of the universe which they travel, here is a guide to help you navigate their multiple identities and related players in a cheatsheet from A to Z:

A is for Android.  The Raza crew awoke on an empty ship only to discover that they were not completely alone. There was an android synced to the ship that was programmed to protect the ship.  But when the android attacked them, the Android was subsequently memory-wiped as well so it would function with the ship and aid the Raza crew.  Known simply as Android, the Android has surprisingly bonded with the Raza crew and is loyal to them — so long as they do not pose a threat to the ship or each other.  (A is also for Lt. Anders, who is the former partner of Six in the Galactica Authority.)

B is for Bubba. Bubba is the name of one of the big guns that Three uses when the Raza crew finds themselves under fire.  (B is also for blink drive, which is one of the ship engine drives that allows the Raza to move in the “blink of an eye” to locations across the universe and sometimes into an alternate universe.)

C is for Cyrus King.  Cyrus King was the person who unleashed the sex-bot Wendy on the Raza ship to exact his revenge in Season 1.

D is for Derrick Moss.  Derrick Moss posed as Jace Corso to infiltrate the Raza crew and then, unfortunately, had his memory wiped and he awoke to be known as One.  One and Two were involved in a romantic relationship, which ended when the Raza crew were captured at the end of Season 1 and then One was assassinated by the real Jace Corso at the beginning of Season 2.  (D is also for Devon, who was a fellow inmate at the detection facility from which the Raza crew escaped in Season 2.  Devon was a surgeon and he helped save Six’s life.  Devon was later killed after he left the Raza ship later in Season 2.)

E is for Emily Kolburn, the former identity for Five.

F is for Five. Five is the young teen who awoken on the Raza not knowing that she had been a castaway on the ship.  (F is also for Four aka Ryo Tetsuda, who is really Ryo Ishida.  To the dismay of the Raza crew, Four has taken back his memories and identity to allow him to claim his rightful place as Emperor over his family’s empire.  F is also for Ferrous Corp, a business corporation that seeks to exploit the Raza crew and get control of the blink drive.)

G is for Griffin Jones.  Griffin Jones is the fake identity of Six, who used that identity to infiltrate the Raza crew.  Six is actually Lt. Vanick, who works as an undercover agent for the Galactica Authority.  (G is also for the Galactic Authority, which is the government sanctioned police force that is determined to capture the Raza crew.)

H is for Hyperion-8 Maximum Security Galactic Detention Facility, which is where the Raza crew were taken after they were captured at the end of Season 1.

I is for Emperor Ishida, who is what Four becomes at the end of Season 2 when he reclaims his former memories and identity to claim his throne and legacy as emperor. (I is also for identity, which is the central theme of the show. Each character has to decide if they want to be who they are now or who they were before.)

J is for Jace Corso.  Jace Corso is the person that One pretends to be to infiltrate the Raza crew.  Unfortunately, the real Jace Corso discovers that someone has been impersonating him and tracks down and kills One at the beginning of Season 2.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jace Corso’s path keeps intersecting with the Raza crew throughout their adventures.

K is for Kyle Kierken, who is the Galactica Authority agent that pursues the Raza crew to bring them to justice.

L is for lovers.  Love is a big part of the relationships among the Raza crew.  With their memories wiped, it allowed them to explore new relationships.  Two and Three were initially lovers, then One and Two became lovers in Season 1.  It was also revealed that Three had a great love of his life, Sarah, who ended up dying in Season 1.  Another key relationship was between Four and Nyx, a romance that blossomed in Season 2, but ended tragically when Nyx was killed by Misaki Han.

M is for Marcus Boone, which is Three’s former identity.  Marcus and Sarah were in love and he had been trying desperately to find a way to save her life, but she died anyway in Season 1.  (M is also for Misaki Han, who is one of the Emporer’s royal guard who killed Nyx.  M is also for Mikkei Combine, which is one of the corporations seeking to control the mining colony at the center of a conflict in Season 1. M is also for Milo, who is Nyx’s brother who sacrifices himself in Season 2 to protect Nyx and the Raza crew.)

N is for Nyx.  Nyx is one of the prison detainees that Two befriends and escapes with the Raza crew in Season 2.  Unfortunately, due to her relationship with Four, Nyx is killed in a fight with Misaki Han. (N is also for nanites, which are the micro computerized entities that live in Two that giver her enhanced abilities.  N is for neural link, which is how Android connects to the Raza ship.)

O is for One.  One is actually Derrick Moss, who impersonated Jace Corso in order to get aboard the Raza. Derrick hoped to get close to Marcus Boone to kill him, but when Derrick’s memory was wiped along with everyone else on the Raza, he woke up and claimed the identity of One, who fell in love with Two and forgot his quest of vengeance against Three/Marcus Boone.  But in Season 2, the real Jace Corso showed up and killed One, leaving the rest of the Raza crew grieving over his death.

P is for Portia Lin. Portia Lin is the former identity of Two.  Portia Lin was genetically-engineered by the nanite technology and after escaping her creators, she became the ruthless leader of the Raza.  But when she had her memory wiped, she became Two, and the lover of Three and then later of the lover of One before he died.  Two remains the leader of the Raza crew even without her former memories, but this time she is intent on being a better person with friends, not just colleagues, on the Raza.

Q is for quantum mechanics.  Space travel involving FTL drives and blink drives rests on the theory of quantum mechanics.

R is for Ryo Tetsuda aka Ryo Ishida.  Ryo became Four when his memory was wiped, but in Season 2, Four chose to have his memories restored so he could claim his throne as emperor.  (R is also for Raza, the name of the spaceship.)

S is for Six.  Six is Lt. Varrick, who posed as Griffin Jones in order to infiltrate a criminal organization and take down the Raza crew.  What Six did not anticipate was that everyone would have their memories wiped and he would forget about his mission or that he would subsequently bond with the Raza crew. (S is also for Sarah, who was the great love of Marcus Boone aka Three.  S is also for the Seers, who are those who can foresee the future, like Nyx’s brother Milo.  S is also for stasis, which is the memory-wipe state that the Raza crew found themselves in at the beginning of Season 1.)

T is for Two.  Two is actually Portia Lin, but after her memory was wiped, she adopted the identity of Two and became first involved with Three then One in Season 1.  Two remains the leader of the Raza crew and is desperate to avoid those who seek to claim her as their property as she was created from nanites.  (T is also for Truffault, who is the corporate leader seeking to exploit the Raza crew for her own corporate interests.  T is also for Tash, the female member of Wexler’s mercenary crew.)

U is for universe, or better yet, alternate universe.  Thanks to the “blink” drive, the Raza crew finds themselves in an alternate universe in Season 2.

V is for Varrick.  Lt. Kal Varrick is who Six was before his memory was wiped, when he worked for the Galactic Authority.

W is for Wexler, who is a rival mercenary group hired to capture the Raza crew.  (W is also for Wendy, who was the sex-bot unleashed on the Raza crew in Season 1.)

X and Y are for the key elements of the mathematical formula of quantum mechanics.

Z is for Zairon.  Ishida is the Emperor of the planet Zairon.

To find out where the Raza is headed next and if Two, Three, Five and Six can survive the season with so many people looking to exploit them and pursuing them, be sure to tune in for the Season 3 premiere of DARK MATTER on Friday, June 9th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy.