CW Developing ‘The Collection’

Issac PhotoCW Developing 'The Collection' Based On The Life Experiences Of Isaac Mizrahi

Source: Hollywood Reporter 

The CW, home of "America's Next Top Model," is adding to its fashion line.

The network is developing "The Collection," a one-hour scripted project that draws on the experiences of top designer Isaac Mizrahi.

Mizrahi is co-executive producing the show, which hails from ABC Studios and studio-based Sander/Moses Prods.

"Collection," written and executive produced by Elisa Bell ("Little Black Book"), is set in the fashion world. It will use the setting to tackle "real-life issues like racism, giant egos, fragile relationships, drugs, conflict of ethics and sexuality," Bell said.

She added: "The fashion world operates in our show as a microcosm of American society. Regardless of how you feel about fashion, everyone is a member of the club, because at the start of every day, we all get dressed."

Similar to the cross-platform approach for their supernatural drama "Ghost Whisperer," Ian Sander and Kim Moses are planning a significant online component for "Collection."

Late last season, the Web series "Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side" launched with the sponsorship of General Motors, and its lead character appeared in the season finale of the CBS/ABC Studios TV series. "Other Side" recently landed a TV Guide Online Video Award nomination.

"Following our success of bringing a powerful Internet component to 'Ghost Whisperer,' we are excited to continue to explore this area with 'The Collection,' running a digital strategy that will play parallel with the new series and continue to create a dynamic experience that engages our viewers," Moses said.