CSI CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION Season 9 Now Available on Bluray Gives Fans Exclusive Forensic Conference Coverage Via BD Live

Owners of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION Season 9 on Blu-ray are now able to access exclusive video coverage from two forensic conferences directly from the disc’s BD-Live portal.

Following its well received BD-Live coverage of ComicCon and Star Trek conventions in Germany and Las Vegas for the recently released Star Trek: The Original Series Blu-ray sets, CBS Home Entertainment had teams onsite at the CSI: Regis University Conference in Denver, Colorado and the annual conference of the American College of Forensic Examiners in Las Vegas, Nevada, filming crime scene re-enactments, CSI gear demonstrations, investigator interviews and more which is now available for direct download for CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION Season 9 Blu-ray owners.

These forensic conventions, featuring appearances by noted criminologists, are attended by hundreds of professionals and students of criminology eager to learn the latest developments in criminal forensics.  CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION Season 9 Blu-ray owners are taken there in the comfort of their living rooms exclusively via BD-Live.

The pivotal ninth season of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION on Blu-ray, released on September 1st from CBS Home Entertainment, features a dynamic 16:9 widescreen transfer and DTS-HD Master

Audio 7.1 surround sound.