CRISIS Episode 1.06 Photos Here He Comes


CRISIS Episode 1.06 Photos Here He Comes : FINLEY AND DUNN ARE HOT ON THE TRAIL OF ONE OF THE KIDNAPPERS — MARK VALLEY AND FRED DRYER GUEST STAR — When Finley (Lance Gross) and Dunn (Rachael Taylor) plot to lure the kidnappers out of hiding with a CIA file as bait, Finley comes face to face with one of the kidnappers (Max Martini) looking to settle a score. Beth Ann (Stevie Lynn Jones) fears for Kyle (Adam Scott Miller) as he plots a way to escape. Meanwhile, Meg (Gillian Anderson) betrays someone close to her in exchange for information. Elsewhere, Widener (guest star Mark Valley) connects with a mysterious asset (guest star Fred Dryer) to monitor Gibson’s (Dermot Mulroney) plot. Halston Sage, Max Schneider, Michael Beach and James Lafferty also star.