Comic Con Preview Night

Day one is in the books.  Just a few observations from the Comic Con preview night. Don’t forget the real fun begins tomorrow when all the panels kick in.
•    Preview night is just as packed as any other time at Comic Con. So much for the idea of walking around and getting to see the booths and exhibits with a “smaller” crowd.
•    The masses love the free swag. Lines were wrapped around booths trying to get free goodies from FOX and Warner Brothers. Posters and bags were the hot items and I was told Warner Brothers had already gone through 4000 plus bags. The FOX poster tubes were also in just about every hand on the floor. My favorite bag I saw was the SCI FI purple big Frakking Bag.
•    Was disappointed that the NBC booth and The BBC America booths were basically just stores. They were both selling a ton of stuff from action figures to DVDs.
•    It didn’t smell on the Comic Con floor… Yet ☺
•    Got a chuckle out of the girl passing out the Fringe promo cards and saying "make sure to check out Fringe, the new reality show on FOX".
•    To the hundreds of people who "accidently" skipped past everyone to get in early and avoid the long lines I say WAIT YOUR TURN.
•    As a non-smoker having to deal with smoke just about anywhere just outside the Comic Con doors is a MAJOR pain. Nothing like walking and having smoke blown into your face. Good times.