Código 1530 Releases 400 Bottles Of A 14-Year Extra Añejo Tequila In A Custom Crystal Bottle

Award winning Código 1530 tequila is releasing an exclusive 14-year-aged extra añejo tequila. This release is an extremely limited edition as only 400 bottles are being produced globally.

As always, this extra añejo tequila was created with only the finest local inputs of fully ripe agave, rock-filtered water and no other sugars, colors, flavorings or additives, which Código 1530 maintains as a standard for all their premium tequilas. What makes this 14-Year extra añejo tequila notable is that it is a double-barrel extra añejo – first aged in a French White Oak, Cabernet wine barrel, then finished in a French Cognac cask. It is bottled at 80 proof and 40% Alc./Vol.

This unique 14-year-aged extra añejo tequila is one of the oldest tequilas available. Each bottle is individually numbered from 1 – 400, creating an extremely limited and valued special edition. The packaging includes a stunning crystal bottle topped with the brand’s timeless Jerusalem cross metal stopper. To make the perfect sipping experience even more luxurious, each handmade antiqued wooden box includes two stemmed Riedel tequila tasting glasses.

Co-Founder/co-CEO Federico “Fede” Vaughan explains, “Our 14-Year Añejo tastes decadent. We decided to experiment with more of our cellared barrels of extra añejo tequila, with additional aging in toasted French Cognac casks for another 6 months beyond the 14 years. The taste is beyond compare, for any aficionado.” Co-Founder/co-CEO Ron Snyder adds, “We are proud of this 14-Year, as our aging experiments with our extra añejos continue to only improve over time. Our practiced use of the ripest agaves, freshest local water, and the finest oak wine barrels clearly helps to preserve the high quality of our tequila consistently for collectors.”

This 14-Year extra añejo tequila is a deep red amber color with a delicious nose and palate. There is a highly complex balance of sweet maple, dark chocolate, toasted oak, exotic spice and peaty minerality. This limited edition endures a smooth and rich flavor profile to savor beyond compare.

With such a limited number of  bottles being produced, tequila lovers and collectors of all things rare and opulent will enjoy this spirit. The pricing is reflective of that rarity, at approximately $3,900 per bottle and only available at the finest retail outlets.

This 14-Year extra añejo tequila from Código 1530 is best enjoyed neat or on a large ice rock for special occasions or during celebrations with those deemed worthy of sharing. It will be available starting this holiday season, November 2nd through the Código 1530 website www.codigo1530.com or from licensed fine retail shops, for a limited time only.

About Código 1530

Código 1530 is a premium spirits brand born from a private recipe known for generations by only a select group of Mexico’s most respected families and finest jimadors. Now available to the world, Código 1530’s tequila and mezcal offerings have been perfected using time-honored customs without ever veering from the historic traditions of including no added chemicals, flavorings, or sweeteners. Passionately produced in Amatitán, Jalisco, MX the rested tequilas are meticulously aged to taste in the world’s finest French Oak Cabernet wine barrels procured from the Napa Valley region. Código 1530 is available in all 50 states, and in over 30 countries world-wide. Learn more at www.codigo1530.com