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CHUCK Star Chats With Men’s Health

CHUCK Star Chats With Men’s Health


Zachary Levi Chuck Photo 

By: Sandra Nygaard : Mens Health

Dressing the part can save your hide. Actor Zachary Levi, a motorcycle enthusiast, admits that fracturing his knee on a Sunset Boulevard curb has made him careful about choosing the right getup. “You can either look cool or look alive,” he says.

Levi’s new NBC action-comedy series, Chuck, also offers its share of adventure. Playing a computer nerd turned secret agent, Levi performs many of his own stunts. “Not everyone gets to have a job where they get hit by cars and jump off buildings,” says Levi.

In his off-hours, Levi, 27, maintains his adrenaline buzz on his Harley-Davidson FXDX or Ducati Monster. Since riding can be intense, he sets his style on cruise control: jeans and a T-shirt under his chopper gear.

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“I have simple jeans tastes: Gap 1969, Guess, Banana Republic, and Diesel,” says the former Less Than Perfect star. While some hard-core bikers prefer leather motorcycle pants, Levi says denim allows him to shift style gears seamlessly once he steps off his bike: “In jeans I’m just a regular guy wearing a cool leather jacket and carrying a helmet.”

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