CHUCK Season 4 Episode 8 Chuck Versus The Fear of Death Sneak Peek Clip

CHUCK VERSUS THE FEAR OF DEATH : CHUCK FEARS THAT A MAJOR LOSS MAY END HIS SPY CAREER—AND HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH SARAH – ROB RIGGLE, SUMMER GLAU AND RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN GUEST STAR – Afraid that his latest setback is driving a wedge between him and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), Chuck (Zachary Levi) resolves to prove himself by going on a dangerous mission with the overeager Agent Rye (guest star Rob Riggle). Meanwhile, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) scramble as the “Buy Morons” attempt to uncover the true identity of Greta (guest star Summer Glau). Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky and Bonita Friedericy also star.

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