‘Chuck’ Interview With Levi And Schwartz

Chuck Photo

Chit Chat Gal got to spend a few minutes with with Levi And Schwartz ( not a law firm) about their upcoming new series 'Chuck.' Already the show is a Seat42f favorite so make plans to tune in tonight and watch 'Chuck' when it kicks off the season with its series premiere on NBC.
Chit Chat Gal: Zach, your character seems – or prefers the word nerd over the word geek. What’s the difference between the two in your eyes?

Zachary Levi: You know, honestly I wish I had a much more thought-through intelligent answer to this, but when we were shooting that what it basically came down to was that, you know, because we’re this kind of Geek Squad competitor, I guess, you know, we’re very much like the Geek Squad but we’re not the Geek Squad. I just thought it would be funny to have a moment where, you know, if she calls us a geek, maybe that’s something that we take personally because we’re not the Geek Squad, we’re the Nerd Herd.

And we – so kind of within our nerd-dom, we considered nerd to be a better word than geek. I wish I could say that once you break it down into Greek, you realize that the root is (naredong), or I don’t know, but really there’s nothing really more to it than the Nerd Herd and, you know, I guess those little nerdy layers that you want to put into your character.
Chit Chat Gal:  I heard that Rachel Bilson has been hired to do a few episodes, so is Chuck going to be more a guy that’s into blonds like Yvonne or the brunettes like Rachel Bilson’s character?

Zachary Levi: What a great question.

Josh Schwartz: What a great problem to have.

Zachary Levi: I know, right. I think Chuck’s a lover and so I think that it’s, you know, it’s 6 and one half, it’s apples and oranges, I’ll tell you personally, I’m out of my mind that Rachel Bilson is going to be on the show. I can’t even stand it. I think she’s so gorgeous and talented and she’s had, you know, a great past with working with Josh and a lot of our crew that are from the OC, so that will be really fun, and…
Josh Schwartz: I think the fun thing about when she comes on the show is, you know, Chuck has had this relationship with Sarah, which is, obviously this unbelievably beautiful woman that has showed up in his life, but she’s sort of there on assignment to babysit him.

So anything that feels like it’s a flirtation or a chemistry between them, you know, Chuck is always wondering, well, is this real, is this part of the cover, you know, where do we stand.

And so for the opportunity for him to meet a real girl and potentially have a real relationship, even though he’s supposedly involved in a fake relationship with Sarah, and, you know, she can keep popping up as the ex-girlfriend who’s kind of crazy, but she’s really doing her CIA duty to babysit him, creates a really fun, I think, potential dynamic.

And then because of Chuck’s spy-infested world that he finds himself in, maybe this Rachel Bilson character isn’t exactly who she says she is after all dot dot dot.

Chit Chat Gal:  Josh, you’re working on both Chuck and Gossip Girl. How are you finding time to sleep?

Josh Schwartz: It’s really fun. I mean, I ‘m really lucky that I have a great group of writers on Chuck starting with Chris Fedak who is co-creator of the show with me and who is awesome, and, you know, Gossip Girl I’m working with Stephanie Savage, so there’s just great teams all the way around and it makes my life a lot easier.