Chit Chat Gal Talks With Two New ‘Heroes’

Heroes Cast Photo

Chit Chat Gal spent a couple of minutes with the two latest additions to the cast of 'Heroes' Nichelle Nichols and Dana Davis. The two joined the cast of 'Heroes' this season.  Don't forget to check out 'Heroes' every Monday on NBC.

Monica has a very cool power with the ability to watch something and then be able to do it afterwards.  How much training have you had to put into this role?

Dana: Oh my gosh I was thrown into this pretty quickly and so it was really hard in the beginning because I was out of shape, I mean I am an actor and I don’t workout (my idea of working out is going up and down stairs).  So in the beginning I was really sore at first.  But now I am working with a stunt double and she is helping me workout and learn things like Karate.

Nichelle, how did you get involved in the show? Did they come to you or did you audition the way it is normally done?

Nichelle: Oh it was such a magical moment.  I was in Denver filming a movie called “Torture” and I actually was going back to LA for two days to pick up some more clothes for another movie I was going to be working on in Phoenix when my agent called and said that the people at 'Heroes' had ask for an interview for a role. I kept telling him I couldn’t go because I had one day to pack and one day to travel and my agent said no there isn’t anything like this you have to go (and he has never told me something like that).   I initially thought it was just a guest appearance for a one time show.  So I went in and was told I would be meeting with a few people but I came in and it was a big group of men and women in suits and the only other time I have been in a meeting like that was when I got the role in 'Star Trek' so I kind of knew it was bigger than I initially thought. I came in and did a scene for them and I really just “felt her” and everyone said they were delighted by the performance and there were a lot of “Thank You's”.  But I went on my way to Phoenix to do the movie “This Bitter Earth” and while I was there I was told by someone completely not affiliated with the show or me that I had gotten the role so I called my agent and he said well who told you that because I haven’t gotten the word yet and I told him “Trekkers know everything”.  And when I finally got the word I still thought it was a guest appearance and my agent said “No sweetheart you have a recurring role”.  It was such a wonderful moment.

Nichelle, on “Heroes” it really seems as though the powers that everyone has are possibly genetic.  Since your character is related to DL, Micah, and Monica is it safe to assume your character has a power?

Nichelle: I couldn’t tell you if I knew.  It is very guarded around here because I think they want to make it fun for the audience to find out in the moment.  But I actually don’t know anything yet, I guess it is possible.  Dana, do you know more then me?  Did you know anything about your power before you got here?

Dana: I know nothing. But I did know about my power coming into it.

I guess we will see what we see and that there have been some taunting remarks from the producers but maybe they haven’t decided yet or maybe they just don’t want me to know.