Jacyln Smith And Kim Vo Talk About Shear Genius

Jaclyn Shear Genius PhotoChit Chat Gal Talks To Jacyln Smith And Kim Vo About The New Season


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Chit Chat Gal: Do you think that the talent pool this year is better than last year? I guess this is probably more for Jaclyn because she was on the show last year.

Jaclyn Smith: You know, I can’t say they’re better. They’re totally different. The second season, this is a very cohesive group. They really got along. There was unbelievable bonding between them.

Kim Vo: I can’t believe they bonded so well.

Jaclyn Smith:  And I didn’t see the desperation that I saw in the first season.  Yes, everybody wanted to win but they were also pulling for each other which I thought was admirable. I like that because I think more talent comes out when you are not so desperate to win something.

Chit Chat Gal: Last year there was the infamous hedge clippers that came about. Jaclyn, what was your opinion after that initial time when she used them that she continued to use them?

Jaclyn Smith: Well it was her day in the sun and I don’t know. I mean, you know, we are all eccentric in our own way. And, you know, I think the other stylists sort of let her have it about it, too. So…

Kim Vo: Yeah.

Jaclyn Smith: It was kind of daring, don’t you think, Kim to continue on? I mean, I just want a haircut…

Kim Vo: I thought it was awful.

Jaclyn Smith:
I mean, I think leave it alone. You’ve had your moment, but…

Kim Vo:
I was ready for the blowtorch and the razor blades.

Jaclyn Smith: Yeah, but I think she just was so happy to have…

Kim Vo: To find her style. She was sweet.

Jaclyn Smith:
Yes she was and as I remember her parting speech going home to her babies, again made me cry. She had something to go home to and that made it easier to see her, you know, leave because you do get attached to everyone.

At the NBC Summer Press Day, you hinted about a Charlie’s Angels reunion. Can you talk a little bit more about that? Has that progressed at all?

Jaclyn Smith: Well yeah, there is going to be a Charlie’s Angels reunion on the show, but it’s a surprise. So you’re going to – you will be surprised when you see it but there is and we recreate the – our styles from the Seventies with a modern touch.

So I thought it was kind of a – I don’t know what you thought, Kim, but it was challenging because you’d think the simplicity of those styles – but it was fun. It was fun to see the stylists and I think having some Angels there sort of was intimidating to some of the stylists.

Kim Vo:

Jaclyn Smith: I think it was harder for them than just recreating because we were there.

Kim Vo: Absolutely. The proof was in the pudding. It was right in front of them.

Jaclyn, I was watching the season premiere last night and I really noticed how well you were doing as a host. You know, you had all the different things in place for all the different segments and you were really coordinating the talent well. I’m wondering – that particular skill set, how easy or how difficult was it for you to pick that up?

Jaclyn Smith:
It was easier the second time around. It was difficult at first. I’d never done reality TV. It was rather daunting and frightening because it’s not like just taking a character and creating it, and going into your motor home and fine-tuning it. You are on the spot at all times.

And you have to be very present. And it was challenging. But I must say the second time around it was easier and I had fun. And I think – I love the challenge of it, I really enjoyed it.

Kim Vo: We were great, Jaclyn, I’m sure.

Jaclyn Smith:  I’m sitting next to Mr. Kim Vo here who saw it so clearly, all the hairstyles and the color and the technique and the styling skills which, sitting there, you know, I learned. I learned so much. So it was enlightening in many, many ways.

Kim Vo:
With Jaclyn – I mean, she’s always been on the edge of fashion and definitely hairstyles, so I definitely think it was just a natural progression for Jaclyn just to move forward in that hosting position.

What can you tell us about this season’s contestants?

Kim Vo: Oh my god, they were great. You know, we had – because we had such unique competitions, everyone really did start out on an even field but you definitely saw some winners off the bat. I mean, it was very interesting, you know. But you definitely had a fair chance to really shine.

Jaclyn Smith: I think in these challenges what’s very interesting and why I was attracted to this type of show that Bravo does because it is about talent, but it isn’t just about the technical talent. It’s about the mind and how you handle the stress of a particular challenge because they’re under such time restraints. I mean, to do all – color, cut and style in two hours is difficult. And I think, wouldn’t you say that too, Kim?

Kim Vo: Oh absolutely. It’s definitely about putting the pressure on and just seeing how those creative juices flow.

Jaclyn Smith: So it is the mental capacity to be under that type of stress. It’s not always to the very finest in color, the very finest in cut. It’s who can really, you know, complete that challenge without letting the stress overtake you.

What were your expectations when you signed on with this show? And have your – have those expectations been met or surpassed?

Jaclyn Smith: Well, you know, I was a fan of Project Runway. So I really didn’t know what to expect and expectations in my life, I sort of am in the moment and I go into things, and I try not to – I just wanted to have fun. I wanted to be challenged. And believe me, the first season I was challenged. And then now I’m on the second season and it has gotten – it’s just another whole world. So it was more challenging than I expected at the beginning and second season, more fun.

I mean, I had fun both times but being in the moment and being spontaneous, and not getting so emotionally involved with all the stylists, it’s difficult for me. You know, staying on – you know, we do stay unbiased and as you know, I have Kim Vo next to me to keep me unbiased.

Kim Vo: Jaclyn, why don’t you tell him you got very emotional.

Jaclyn Smith: Thank goodness I had him because, you know, sometimes I’m in tears and he’s there saying no way, this is a competition. Right, Kim?

Kim Vo: That’s right. Oh, it’s tough but they’re all winners.

Jaclyn Smith: They are all winners, that’s the thing. And you see talent at work and that’s – I find that really fun to watch. And it’s enlightening to see all these young people go after what they want.

When you look back at Charlie’s Angels style, do you cringe?

Jaclyn Smith: Yeah, I think sometimes when I look back at my style — which was pretty classic — I wish I had been a little more daring. Oddly enough, the producers did not want us to change our hair. At the end to the fifth season, I wore my hair naturally curly and it was free. It was fun, it was – I wasn’t a slave to wrapping — I have curly hair — wrapping my hair, putting it in rollers and, you know, making it so slick.  So I would’ve liked to have had a little more freedom with my hair. I mean, it might not look like I’ve changed it that much but I have. I mean, it was very long. It was, you know, hardly anything – virgin hair almost. Yeah, it was virgin hair, a few streaks going in it later. So yeah, I could’ve spiced it up a little more.

Kim Vo: I think it’s perfect Jaclyn. You know, it definitely trends down through the ages and definitely you’ve kept it up and you’ve modified it. And I think looking back at those pictures, you know, in the past, I see the modern twist even now to that which is great.

Jaclyn Smith: Well good, coming from you that’s something. Because, you know, it is important to always have good advice and I think that’s what some women miss. And if our show does that and enlightens them to be a little more daring, to understand why you take – pick a particular hairstyle because of texture, or your lifestyle or the shape of your face. It all comes into play.

Kim Vo: Absolutely. I hope the viewer takes away that they can go back to their own hairdressers at home and have that language of the hairstylist. That’s very important to me.              

Season Two Of Shear Genius Kicks Off On Wednesday, June 25th At 10/9c On Bravo