Chit Chat Gal Speaks With Donald Trump


Photo: NBC/Virginia Sherwood 

Chit Chat Gal: Donald, How was the show made any different, the game itself because it was celebrities or did you completely do it just as hardcore as you would for the regular apprentices?
Donald Trump: Just as hardcore. But we don’t – and I’m not saying anything out of school, we don’t do the little rewards at the end where you’ll go for a dinner or you’ll get a, you know, jewelry from Harry Winston, or you’ll do this or that.
We didn’t do that because frankly I never found it that interesting where it – the cameras would follow them to a reward dinner or something.
We don’t do that. We do something that’s really interesting and I assume I can say it and if I can’t, who cares, I’ll say it anyway. During the firing and the grilling, the team that wins goes into another room. We’ll call it the War Room and they watch.
And the cameras are on them as they’re watching. And that’s far more fascinating than having that team go out and, you know, go to dinner. So we’re having them watch almost up to the firing – not the firing itself, but almost up to the firing and getting the reaction. And it’s an amazing reaction.
Chit Chat Gal: Was there any specific criteria for when you guys were choosing which celebrities would actually make the final cut? Donald?
Donald Trump: Well from my standpoint, it was really a question of competence. And we had a lot of competent people and highly competent. But from my standpoint, it was really a question of competence, who did the best job, who did the best job not only at that task, but in the previous weeks.
And that would be, you know, the -so in that sense, it didn’t change that much. It’s all about competence.
Chit Chat Gal: Okay. And then I guess my final question is Omarosa is the only one who was asked back, so was – do you think she had an advantage or was it completely starting all over for her?
Donald Trump: No advantage. She’s just very smart, very tough and she did very well. She’s – you know, she’s a very capable person. She is a tough, smart person. Some people liked her. Some people hated her beyond anything I’ve ever seen, and she did, you know, very well.