Cassidy Freeman Interview

Cassidy Freeman Smallville

SMALLVILLE Pictured: Cassidy Freeman as Tess Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/The CW

SMALLVILLE ended on kind of a cliffhanger – not sure what’s going to happen next. Give us a little sneak peek of what’s coming in the next batch of new episodes!

CF : What goes on from here? Well, I will tell you, ha. You figure out what’s going on with Tess and Lex. We found out how they’re connected really, which is different than people thought before, and the steps that are taken after that. We find out, in the first episode back, called “Legion”, so we obviously get to see the Legion again. Clark is going to take very dangerously close steps to being called the man of the s-word. He’s taking steps closer and closer and closer to being the Superman that we all know and love.

Now you joined the show late in its life – how was it being the new cast member in season 8?

It was really awesome, to be honest. I wouldn’t have it any other way, because everyone was so nice and inviting. It’s pretty amazing to be on a show that’s so well established. You have to think, they’re doing something right, right, if it goes on for 8 years! It’s also a really cool character. And to be able to work in this genre, you get sort of bigger than life characters, which, not every actor gets to do, so I thought, what a cool opportunity.

I’ve heard rumors both ways that there may or may not be a 9th season. What can you tell us?

No official word has been said. I’ve heard both rumors. My brother will call me and say “I just ready in Variety that it might happen,” and I’m like “Clark”, yes, my actual real brother’s name is Clark [laughs], so we used to buy him Superman underwear when he was a kid, so it’s all just so perfect that I’m now on the show, but anyway! I’m like “Clark, I don’t know what to tell you” and he’s like “the suspense is killing me” and I’m like, “You? What about me, I don’t know where my life is going to be [laughs].”

The show continues to surprise. People weren’t really sure how it would continue without original show runners, but it’s still working and it’s great.

You know what’s funny? The feeling of new blood can never be underestimated. The fact of the matter is, I didn’t know the previous show runners, so I can’t speak to them obviously, but I do know that the core cast that we have now are so in love with the show that it’s kind of hard to go wrong. They’re just so in love with the story, that only love can come out of that. It makes me really happy to see that people are taking to it this year.

Had you watched the show before you joined the cast?

No actually, I had started college right around the time that the show came out, and since I didn’t have anything in college, much less a television, I just didn’t watch TV. The WB lost me at FELICITY and DAWSON’S CREEK. I didn’t watch the show. Then when I got out of school and came to LA, I heard of it, and I’d seen it here and there. It’s kind of one of those shows, I thought you had to be an avid fan and watch from the beginning. As soon as the opportunity came along, I definitely did my homework. I consider myself one of those addicts. You know how when you watch a show on DVD, it’s like crack? It’s like, “Next, next, next, just 2 more minutes.” My first couple months in Vancouver were literally me in my apartment watching Seasons 1-7 of Smallville.

How did acting start for you? Was it always something you wanted to do, or was it one thing that came up, and it went from there?

Performing has been something that I’ve done my whole life. I started ballet when I was 3, and I was on 5, doing opera. Both of my older brothers are also actors and performers. So two lawyers and cattle ranchers now gave birth to three actors, so they often ask themselves what they did wrong and why they’re being cursed [laughs] but they still show up to everything with a smile on their face, which is just so incredible that we have their support. But it’s something that I started really young. I didn’t get into television until now, but definitely on stage and in dance.

Who are some actors and actresses that you’d love to work with?

Oh my gosh. The list is long! For women, Laura Linney is one of my heroes. I think she’s such an amazing actress. The Kates, as I call them – Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett who are getting a lot of face time this awards season for their incredible work. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is another one of my “dream-to-work-with” people. Terrence Howard. I just think he’s one of the most well-spoken people that I’ve listened to, and it would be a joy to work with him. And Morgan Freeman. I know it’s an odd array of people.

I’m trying to picture a movie with all of those people in it.

I know, right? Me, Laura Linney, Cate Blanchett, and Morgan Freeman.

I would see it.

Would you?

Absolutely! You basically named my favorite actors, so I would definitely see that movie.

I mean, like Morgan Freeman. He said this quote once where he’s never turned down a job. I mean, he’s not a young woman in the year 2009, so I think maybe he would have turned down a few jobs if he were, but he’s just awe-inspiring.

Do you get a chance to watch other TV besides your show?

I do. Especially when I moved out here. People were like, “it’s your job to watch TV.” I should, which is a pretty ridiculous prerequisite for a job, but it’s true. You have to know what’s out there. I did. This year, that I’ve been in Vancouver since July, I don’t have a DVR there, so I can only catch things on the fly, which is never, because nothing’s really on at 4 in the morning except movies from 1984. Are you going to ask me what I watch? Was that the next question? [laughs]

I wasn’t sure if you were going to just keep going and say what you watch or if I should jump in [we both laugh]!

I’m right there with you! Well, ok..So I watch Grey’s Anatomy. Who doesn’t watch Grey’s Anatomy? Six Feet Under was one of my favorite shows before it came off the air. Brothers and Sisters is another one of my favorite shows. I think that show has such strong women characters and it’s like, it can be coined as a little soap-opera-y, but I think it touches on so many different aspects of family life.

Oh I know – my family on holidays? That’s what we’re like!

Right? Right? And also, their family is so messed up, that you’re like, oh my god, I’m kind of thankful for my family because they’re not like this [laughs]. And actually, even though I’m not a huge advocate of reality television, I did watch Star Search as a child and that now I watch Top Chef like it’s my job.

I love Top Chef! Are you watching this season? Who is your favorite so far?

What I do is I DVR them, and whenever I have to go to LA for work, I just watch them all! I don’t have a favorite yet. I got my brother Clark the cookbook for Christmas!

What else do you have coming up besides the rest of the Smallville season?

Not much on board right now. I’m set to film a movie called Yellow Brick Road which is a horror movie that was written by two friends of mine from college. We’re shooting it in either New Hampshire or Alaska, it hasn’t been decided.

Hmm, they are definitely two opposites of the spectrum.

I know, right? But why not! I’d love to go to both places. It’s this really cool horror movie about these kids. In the 40s, this entire town in New Hampshire followed a trailhead out to the forest and they never came back, and no one knows why. It’s a little bit historical because it follows, the same kind of thing happens with an Eskimo tribe. This team of researchers and scientists find the trailhead and follow it to see what happens, like why they come back. It’s not so much what they find on the trailhead, but what the trailhead finds in them. There’s this energy and spirits that are out on the trailhead. It’s just a really fun horror script. The reason I’m doing it is to work with my friends. And also, my brother and I get to play brother and sister. How can you resist a Maggie / Jake Gyllenhaal kind of thing? I can’t resist that, I have to do that. I will say that I die pretty early on, Spoiler Alert! I’m still waiting to hear if I’m going back to Vancouver for the Olympics, i.e. Season 9 [laughs]

One last thing – why should people tune in to the remaining episodes this season?

It’s so juicy! The rest of the season is so juicy. There are twists and turns, and just incredible character building episodes; I don’t know how you couldn’t watch!