T.J. Miller : Marmaduke Brooker

Date Of Birth: June 4th          Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Comedian T.J. Miller performs improvisation, sketch and stand-up comedy and is currently a member of Green Company of the Second City National Touring Companies. He performs improvisation with the house team Bullet Lounge at IO, stand-up at numerous comedy venues in Chicago, as well as sketch comedy with the group Heavy Weight. He even eats most of meals standing up.

Originally from Colorado, Miller performed comedy for about four years before moving to Chicago. He has appeared on PBS’ “The Standard Deviants,” and in various DVDs and school educational programs. He has done an online micro-site for KFC,, plus a national Quaker Oatmeal commercial and national print campaign. He has also done voice over for Old Style, Second City Las Vegas and The Chicago Historical Society. Miller studied classical acting at B.A.D.A in Oxford, England and circus arts at Frichess Theatre Urbain.

Since moving to Chicago, Miller has performed at comedy venues all over that city and in New York (also at one in Vincennes, Indiana, and in the DC Comedy Fest), improvised with the group Chuckle Sandwich (The Toronto International Improv Festival, DC Comedyfest) and Sturgis (IO), and performed sketch with Heavy Weight (Formerly Persimmony Whispers) at The Chicago Sketchfest and Second City Unhinged.

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