Fred Goss : Gracen Brooker

Date Of Birth: March 25th  City: Orchard Lake, Michigan

Fred Goss is steeped in the entertainment business, as an actor, director, writer, producer and editor.

As an actor, Goss starred in ABC’s critically acclaimed “Sons & Daughters.” Along with his writing partner, he also created, wrote and served as executive producer and show runner on the series. In addition he directed the pilot, as well as four other episodes.

Goss starred in Bravo’s cult classic, “Significant Others,” and has also appeared in “The Man Show” and “South Park.” His first appearance in a TV comedy was on the hit series “ALF.” He began acting when he was 14 and has performed in more than 75 stage productions. Polishing his comedy skills at The ACME Comedy Theater in Hollywood, he wrote and performed as a member of the Main Company for several years.

Goss co-created, produced and directed the pilot episodes for “The Owners,” “The Weekend” and “Endless Summer.” He and his writing partner, Nick Holly, are currently engaged in an overall deal with ABC Studios.

An avid fan of The Grateful Dead, Goss attended about 100 Grateful Dead performances, beginning in the early ‘80s and up to the time of Jerry Garcia’s death in 1995. A highlight in Goss’ life was when The Dead allowed him to use some of their music in episodes of “Sons & Daughters.”

Goss and his wife, Arlene, are the parents of three children. They are all currently living the dream somewhere in the San Fernando Valley.

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