Carbonadi Vodka Launch Elevates Ultra-Premium Spirits Category

House of Carbonadi, an emerging California-based spirits company, today launches Carbonadi, an ultra-premium vodka born in northern Italy. A true expression of rare artistry, the introduction of Carbonadi elevates the ultra-premium category and continues to drive forward the growing segment of premiumization within the spirits industry.

Carbonadi originates from a legendary family-owned distillery located in the Piemonte region. With over half a century of refined expertise, the distillery uses pristine crystalline water and the finest, meticulously sourced organic wheat from the surrounding Italian Alps to create this one-of-a-kind sipping spirit.

Of note, the brand is further lauded for its rare filtration process. The initial mash is distilled five times through active charcoal to remove impurities, then re-filtered through uncut carbonados (microporous black diamonds) to remove additional impurities not captured by traditional filtration methods. A final step of micro-oxygenation lengthens the liquid’s molecules to create the smoothest vodka expression. With hints of green herbs, bay leaf and dried mint on the nose, Carbonadi tastes crisp and clean, and finishes with a smoothness that glides over the tongue.

“Thoughtful hospitality and exquisite craftsmanship have long been passion points of mine, and Carbonadi was born from a desire to create a sleek, high quality sipping vodka in line with the Italian lifestyle those characteristics embody,” says Richard Miller III, CEO. “After four years of development, we are proud to introduce Carbonadi and grow this exceptional brand.”

Best appreciated straight up or on the rocks, Carbonadi can also be enjoyed as a classic martini. Signature libations include The Italian Martini featuring Carbonadi Vodka, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Campari, rhubarb bitters and celery bitters; as well as Italian Lemonade made with Carbonadi Vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, club soda and fresh berries.

Carbonadi is 80 proof, 40% alcohol by volume, and is available in 1 L bottles with a suggested retail price of $89.99. The 750 mL bottles will be available soon with a suggested retail price of $79.99. Packaged in an elegant black bottle with white and gold trim, Carbonadi’s sleek design embodies modern luxury. Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits currently distributes Carbonadi within California. Later this year, Carbonadi will be available in New York and Miami. For more information, please visit and follow Carbonadi on Instagram @HouseOfCarbonadi.