Burn Notice

Burn Notice is back tonight to finish up their second season, and Michael is not a happy camper.  At the end of the first batch of episodes, someone tried their hardest to blow up our favorite spy by rigging the door to his apartment.  We pick up seconds after the explosion with Sam finding Michael and helping him get up.

Michael spends the episode trying to find out who tried to kill him, dealing with a frizzier and frizzier Tricia Helfer (Carla), and trying to find out who sold bad medication to an unassuming father.  With Sam and Fiona in tow, and with the help of Madeline, Michael gets to work, pulling himself in a billion different directions to do what he thinks is right.  

My favorite part of the premiere is that Michael is really starting to get pissed.  Not clench my jaw and talk through my teeth because I’m so mad kind of pissed, but like, losing my cool, screaming and yelling kind of pissed, and it’s both shocking and seriously hot.  

All in all, it’s another classic episode of Burn Notice, written by series creator Matt Nix, that features, among other things, Fiona babysitting and teaching a child about guns, so movement (in a forward direction) on the Michael/Fiona relationship front, humor in the form of Sam, and Michael and Fiona rocking some seriously hot bathing suits.

You don’t want to miss it – it’s going to be an awesome second half of the season!

Burn Notice Kicks Off With All New Episodes On USA Thursday, January 22nd at 10:00PM EST.