Burn Notice

Burn Notice Season 3 picks up exactly where Season 2 left off, with Michael swimming for his life after jumping out of a helicopter rather than working with the people that burned him.  He quickly realizes that he is no longer protected from the law as he was under the watchful eye of the “Burn Notice” folks. Before long, he gets himself thrown in jail.  Thanks to an old friend on the inside, he finds himself out, and trying to help a person in distress.  As it usually happens on this show, nothing goes according to plan, and Michael is faced with more trouble than ever.  Add his lingering feelings for Fi and his crazy mother, he’s got too much to deal with!

What I liked most about the premiere and the episodes airing in the 2 weeks following is that this show could easily have gotten too wrapped up in the outline of the Burn Notice, and focused too hard on that, that they would run out of ideas very quickly, but Matt Nix and the writers have managed to keep it fresh and entirely entertaining.  The spy drama, the action, the adventure, it’s all mixed with the emotion and it’s done incredibly well.  Add to the table fantastic cast additions that don’t detract from the core cast (Moon Bloodgood –  Fan-freaking-tastic on this show) and you have a show that will continue to rank very high on the list.

Definitely a must see!