Bruins And Canucks Faceoff In NHL 12 Demo On August 23rd


Whether it’s to take away the pain or taste sweet victory all over again, you can redo the Stanley Cup Finals as Vancouver and/or Boston in the NHL 12 demo beginning August 23. Since it’s the NHL 12 demo and all things are new again, technically we’re giving you a peak at the near future for both the Bruins and Canucks.

The revamped Be a Pro mode will give demo players their first taste of the new Action Tracker that keeps track of every significant turn of events in your hockey game. When your shift comes up, assuming you’ve earned your ice time, you’ll know exactly what’s happening your game.

For Ultimate Team players sharing the demo will let you unlock cards so you can get your NHL 12 collection started early.

Our simulation of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals didn’t hold true in the end, but that was last year. See what the new goalie interactions and Full Contact Physics Engine in the NHL 12 demo can do for this Canucks-Bruins rematch. Changing history or honoring the past should get you in the mood to pre-order.