Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted Cast Photo
Photo: ABC. All Rights Reserved.

ABC’s latest foray into comedy premieres tonight with the absolutely brilliant show Better Off Ted.  The story of a man named Ted who works for Veridian Dynamics (not to be confused with Massive Dynamics), the company that will make anything into anything, or anything out of anything (case in point a weaponized pumpkin).  A little like The Office, a little like Scrubs, and a whole lot like my favorite show of recent years, Arrested Development, this show has all the makings of a sure-to-be-cult-classic.  

Ted is played by the very capable and charming and quick witted Jay Harrington, who does a great job of including the audience in the many ridiculous situations he gets himself into during a day at the office.  His boss Veronica, played to perfection by Portia Di Rossi, steals every scene she’s in.  Along for the ride are brilliant scientists Lem and Phil, bickering best friends and partners who actually put together the crazy products that Veridian Dynamics makes. Isabella Acres plays Ted’s daughter Rose and she’s adorable (she really gets a chance to shine in the equally as awesome second episode “Through Rose Colored HazMat Suits”).  And what would a work place comedy be without the quirky love interest for our lead character?  Andrea Anders (Joey, The Class) plays Linda, the woman with a tendency to do stuff just because the company sends a memo warning against it.

I have nothing but good things to say about this show.  The cast is brilliant, the writing is sharp.  I found myself laughing throughout the entire first two episodes, so much so that I’ve now rewatched them 4 times each just to make sure they hold up.  They definitely do, and I think this could quickly sky rocket to my favorite new show of the season! My one concern?  People will find it on DVD this time next year and curse themselves for not tuning in.


The Better Off Ted Series Premiere Airs On ABC Wednesday, March 18th at 8:30PM EST.