Best States To Visit In The USA

Deciding where to go on holiday sometimes is a massive decision, and one not to be taken lightly. There’s so much to see in the world, so many amazing destinations, and each tend to have something that you may not see anywhere else – which makes it even harder to decide! As the world is incredibly vast and it’d take a much larger article to talk about the best places in the world, we’ll stick to one area for now – The United States of America. America is a lovely place to go on holiday, and each state provides its own uniqueness. But instead of listing them all, we’ll start small, and list some of the top states to visit, and things to do and see while you’re there.

New York

New York (The state) is probably one of the most iconic states in the USA, mostly thanks to New York City. It is home to some of the world’s most famous, well known buildings and architecture. Here are a few things that are well worth seeing in New York City:

  • The Empire State building: The Empire state building is probably the most famous building, and is the jewel of New York City. It stands at roughly 1400 ft and has an open air 360 view and observatory for you to see the whole of New York, and it looks absolutely gorgeous viewing from atop the building at sunset.
  • The Statue of Liberty – Lady Liberty is a must see for anyone visiting New York City. It’s the physical embodiment of freedom, and also affords amazing tours and views from the top.
  • Madison Square Garden – Madison Square Garden is likely the worlds most famous arena, and if you’re not able to book an event, a tour is still well worth it. Hosting anything from pop concerts to mixed martial arts events, this place is an iconic arena that a lot of people view as a milestone; if you’re performing at MSG, then you’ve made it. 
  • Time Square – Times Square is the Central point of NYC. A vibrant, larger than life shopping district and a popular landmark of New York, it is also in close proximity to the capital of Theatre, Broadway.
  • Grand Central Station – While not necessarily an attraction, if you’re in the area, how can you not talk about one of the worlds most talked about station?


You can’t have a list of states without including the ‘ol west. Texas is synonymous with anything that includes cowboys and rodeos, and lets not forget that sweet southern soul food. If you’re a foodie, you have to experience Texan BBQs and smokehouses. Texas really gives you that Wild west feel, and you can experience tours and excursions that have you feeling as if you’re in a John Wayne Movie (For those of you who know who that is). Here are some fun activities and sights to take part in while in Texas:

  • Watch A football Game – Texans are big on football. Even if you’re not particularly big on the sport, or sports in general, nothing beats the atmosphere of an NFL game. 
  • Houston Space Centre       
  • The San Antonio River Walk –  The SA River Walk is probably the most popular attraction of Texas, and to be honest, it’s beautiful. It completely encapsulates the city, passing some of San Antonio’s loveliest theatres and museums and historic sites.


Known as the Golden State, California is well known for it’s more naturey side, with the southern part california having gorgeous beaches, whilst the northernmost region is synonymous with forests, national parks and mountains, which is great if you’re more of an outdoors person who prefers a holiday of relaxation and nature. However California is not without it’s own iconic landmarks and destinations. Here are some great examples of places you have to see whilst you’re in California;

  • Golden Gate Bridge – As infamous as its name, the golden gate bridge is actually the most photographed bridge in the world – great for our instagram audience
  • Disneyland Resort – Made up of two theme parks, being DisneyLand Park and Disney California Adventure park, these two absolutely stunning theme parks are well worth the time and money for Disney fans, with themed joy rides and eateries to make you feel truly a part of Disney.
  • Universal Studios – Universal studios is another theme park and film studio, so if you’re a lover of movies, this is the place for you. You can experience the world of Harry Potter, take a tour inside the castle, or fly above on the Harry Potter and the forbidden journey ride, and other themed rides such as Jurassic World, where you can ride around in a boat surrounding dinosaurs, and if that not your think, watching the Waterworld live show is truly a spectacle.
  • Alcatraz – Alcatraz Island is a great day trip, and another famous landmark, due to it being a state penitentiary, housing some of America’s most notorious criminals, including Al Capone. It served as the inspiration for the Wizard Prison Azkaban, in Harry Potter, due to the remote location. You can tour around the lighthouse and prison, and if you’re an experienced swimmer, you can swim around the island. Again, recommended for experienced and competitive swimmers, as the current can be rather strong there. Word to the wise – tours and excursions to Alcatraz tend to get booked up fast and way in advance, so the earlier you can book the better, whether through a website or you can call their California phone number.
  • Find the Hollywood sign – While you probably won’t be able to take pictures directly next to the Hollywood sign due to its location, you can still get pretty close! The is a must for anyone staying in LA really, almost like a rite of passage. There are a few vantage points that are recommended for taking photos of the legendary sign, but it’s entirely up to you. Whilst you’re in the area, you can also visit the Griffith Park Observatory, which is another place for good shots of the sign if you have the right lens on your camera, and you can also walk with the stars on the Hollywood walk of fame street. A lot of people actually prefer to take photos from here, as its also a great opportunity to get other landmarks in the background.