ARROW Teasers: Intriguing Quotes from the Upcoming Episode “This Is Your Sword”

In true ARROW tradition, some of the most fun comes from the cheeky dialogue.  Unfortunately, this week’s episode also holds moments of great fear and pain.  So here’s a fun mix of both the light and the dark moments coming.

Here are the quotes we have collected form “This Is Your Sword.”  Let’s see if you can guess who says these intriguing little quotes:

QUOTE:  “If there is even the possibility of this kind of danger to my city, I’m reporting for duty.”

QUOTE:  “I don’t think this is something you can run away from.”

QUOTE:  “You will always be held captive by your love for each other.”

QUOTE:  “The only thing I know right now is I need to be with [spoiler].”

QUOTE:  “There is no him left.”

QUOTE:  “I will always love you.”

QUOTE:  “I’m sorry, [spoiler], for everything.”

QUOTE:  “I would rather die than wed this pretender.”

QUOTE:  “I can’t believe you’re still alive.”

QUOTE:  “You have this little cloud following you around.”

QUOTE:  “Maybe we shouldn’t cross that line.”

QUOTE:  “You’re my friend. I’m always going to be there for you.”

QUOTE:  “When I am Ra’s, I can release you from your oath.”

QUOTE:  “I don’t like the idea he can summon us.”

QUOTE:  “Don’t even play with our emotions like that.”

QUOTE:  “Your city is in great danger.”

QUOTE:  “I am not playing a game here.”

QUOTE:  “He’s lied to us so many times it should be a drinking game.”

QUOTE:  “You speak to me as if I am a monster.”

QUOTE:  “She had a wit and a fire about her that I found I could not live without.”

QUOTE:  “His last thought before [spoiler] was of you.”

QUOTE:  “If you believe that, fight for him.”

QUOTE:  “True art is never finished, only abandoned.”

QUOTE:  “Don’t make my mistake.”

QUOTE:  “You think they rent horses here?”

QUOTE:  “It’s not too late to come back to me.”

QUOTE:  “You know I wouldn’t have done the same thing for you.”

QUOTE:  “You should see the other guy!”

QUOTE:  “Surrender or die.”

QUOTE:  “If any of you speak, we’re all going to die.”

QUOTE:  “I need you to trust me.”

QUOTE:  “This is so beautiful, yet so dangerous.”

QUOTE:  “You made me want to be the man you saw through your eyes.”

QUOTE:  “Things are worse than we thought.”

QUOTE:  “I had to do it for Oliver.”

QUOTE:  “Nanda Parbat is not the easiest place to infiltrate.”

QUOTE:  “You got it to fly, what more do you want?”

QUOTE:  “Malcolm, we need help.”

QUOTE:  “From my prison, there is no escape.”

QUOTE:  “I’m sorry, I forgot the flag.”

With those quotes rattling around your brain, have fun watching the Season 3 penultimate ARROW episode “This Is Your Sword” on Wednesday, May 6t at 8:00 p.m. on the CW.