ARROW Teasers: 10 Exciting Things to Look Forward to in Season 3 Premiere

The Calm

Just because the fans are all dying to know and the powers-that-be at ARROW have agreed that sharing a bit of the fun ahead will help fans with the decision to make sure their TV channel is marked for “live” next Wednesday night, the following are 10 fun teasers to get everyone excited about Season 3 of ARROW.

So much cuteness!  During the intervening 5 months since we last saw them on the island beach seems to have only cranked up the cute-factor in the Oliver and Felicity interactions.  Even Diggle cannot take it anymore and tells Oliver that it is time to ask Felicity on a date.  It is now or never; and you would not believe it, but Oliver takes Diggle’s advice.  Even Felicity cannot believe her ears when she hears it.  But a date is a date and what girl in her right mind would refuse a date with Oliver Queen – not Felicity, who shows up looking stunning (as expected), though even Oliver cannot quite believe his eyes.  But dating a superhero has some definite downsides.  Dates do not go as expected.  Executive producer Marc Guggenheim described it as “explosive,” and that really is the perfect word for it.

The Kiss
That’s right Olicity fans, there is an epic kiss that fans have been waiting for – for over two seasons — and what a kiss it is.  ARROW delivers on that front.  It is Felicity Smoak’in awesome!  If you haven’t gone weak in the knees and turned into a big puddle on the floor after that kiss, you are not human and get to the doctor stat.

Daddy’s Back
Or to be more exact, Captain Lance is back.  With a promotion, new uniform and a few health concerns, but the good ole detective Lance is back and he insists that his new desk job is not going to keep him out of the good fight.  Unfortunately, he insists on getting in on the action every chance he gets, which may or may not perturb his overprotective daughters.

Black Canary Returns
Yep, that emotional goodbye – for what seemed like the zillionth time – from last season’s finale was pretty short-lived. Sara’s back and she has a secret mission.  And just who is she sharing that secret with?  Well, let’s just say that girl knows how to keep a secret!

The Lady Vanishes
Unfortunately, Thea Queen is M.I.A. for the entire Season 3 premiere.  But rest assured, when she does appear a couple episodes in, we will get to pick up exactly where things left off in the Season 2 finale – back in that limo with Thea and Malcolm Merlyn.  Whatever Thea is up to, apparently the ARROW writers do not want us to miss one second of that story.

Brandon Routh
Hello gorgeous! What an entrance Brandon Routh’s new character makes and if the first entrance doesn’t make your jaw drop, his second entrance will.  Let’s just say there is a good reason he catches Felicity’s attention every time she runs into him — that man is full of mystery and he speaks Felicity’s language.  That’s right:  he may just be her hacking-dream-come-true type of guy. Even Oliver’s jaw may have hit the floor meeting him.  So keep a close eye on Oliver’s reaction when he meets Brandon’s character.  It’s worth it.  Not sure who was more stunned meeting Brandon: Oliver or Felicity.  Like I said, Brandon knows how to make an entrance. (P.S. If you were a CHUCK fan, you are going to love Brandon’s new role on ARROW.)

Diggle and Lila are about to be proud parents of a bouncing baby and this is the episode you get to meet that adorable bundle of cuteness.  Apparently, Felicity can no longer hold the title of the cutest thing on ARROW anymore, but it does not look like she minds one bit.  And once Diggle meets his new daughter, he makes a tough choice that only a parent knows how to make — that it just may be time to hang up his hero-hat now that he has put on his dad-hat.  Fortunately, it is a decision that Oliver approves and he has the perfect replacement partner all picked out.

Roy’s Role
With all the spoiler photos out, not to mention the giddy-with-glee BTS photos that Colton Haynes has posted, it has been impossible to not see that Roy is getting his own hero costume this year.  Roy’s red leather outfit compliments Oliver’s green beautifully.  You have to admit:  ARROW knows exactly how to dress their heroes in ways that make them pin-up worthy.  So Roy and Oliver are finally in sync and they make a fantastic superhero team.  The only noteworthy oddity is that Roy seems to have lost his gift for gab while he is on the job.  It is odd to see him all taciturn and stoic.

Hong Kong Fugitive
You didn’t think they would forget about those instructive island-flashbacks, did you?  Also picking up from last season’s shocker — finding out that Oliver did not spend all those 5 years on the island — we get to see what he was doing in Hong Kong instead of rotting on the island.  Let’s just say that Oliver is not happy with his newfound friends in Hong Kong and he makes multiple attempts to get away from them – unsuccessfully, as we can guess, since he ends up back on the island at some point before his rescue.

I guess you cannot keep a good villain down.  That’s right.  Vertigo is back.  Apparently, the name is more than just one man and the latest villain to pick up the moniker wants to take over where his predecessor left off.  (R.I.P. Seth Gabel’s Vertigo.)  What is even crazier is he actually gets the drop on Oliver — twice.  Yeah, I did not believe it either ‘til I saw it.  And Oliver is not good with foreign substances in his system.  It makes him see things and this version of the drug makes you see what you fear the most – and what Oliver sees is enlightening.

Okay, that is our teasers in advance of next week’s Season 3 premiere.  Whatever you do, make sure you are in front of your television LIVE next Wednesday night, October 8th at 8:00 p.m. to watch ARROW.  Trust me on this.  There is too much you are going to want to see immediately and not miss one second of.  It is all too good and you would not want to be spoiled about any of it.  Plus, you are not going to want to miss that kiss!