An Open World Game That Has No Equal

Sequels are not always an easy topic. Most often, people prefer something new rather than a long-familiar old one because no matter how many improvements the game offers, it still exploits old ideas and formulas, which means you should not expect surprises from it. In a sense, the same can be said about Horizon Forbidden West a continuation of the already iconic Horizon Zero Dawn. It takes an example from the original in everything, improving and expanding each of its elements. And it doesn’t seem to be that interesting. On the other hand, when your game is so good, you can turn a blind eye to many things. Play the best games you can on Game Karma and discover an open game world that has no equal.

The Frozen Wilds expansion 

At first glance, it may seem that everything is the same but with new assets. And yes, it’s no secret that the visual upgrade is the most tangible improvement, which is noticeable from the very first minutes. It’s possibly the prettiest game I’ve ever seen, but…is it enough to justify a purchase? Of course not. You won’t get far on one chart.

Luckily, Horizon Forbidden West has a lot more to offer. First of all, you can praise the paging, that is, the pace of the gameplay. In recent months, we’ve been intimidated by huge games that can be fully completed in a few hundred hours, and Forbidden West boasts a world of no less elaborate or stuffed content. There are a lot of additional tasks, “contracts,” tests, lore, and so on. It even has its own desktop! But at the same time, it does not force you to do anything extra. If you want, just pretend that this is a linear game with one storyline.

This is very important because not everyone has a few hundred hours of free time. The world has become not only larger but also more detailed. Ruins appeared, which are sort of puzzle tombs from Tomb Raider, and caves with treasured loot. The world is full of question marks, but there are not so many of them that you want to grab your head.

Graphic excellence

Flaunting graphics is something that PlayStation has been doing for a long time and successfully. Its studios have studied the hardware inside and out and know how to get the most out of it. In the case of Horizon Forbidden West, the task was even more difficult than in the case of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, another game that has earned the right to be called the most beautiful in the new generation. The fact is that if the action platformer from Insomniac was developed exclusively on the PS5, then Horizon Forbidden West did not make this jump the release took place on the old PS4, which is still preferred by a million players due to its availability against the background of the semiconductor crisis. As a rule, such releases, created to please everyone, cause neglect of players and do not please, in fact, anyone blames the owners of the new hardware complain that the maximum is not squeezed out of it, and the old one overheats from the load.