Seat42f and History have teamed up to give TWO lucky winners a copy of AMERICA’S BOOK OF SECRETS on DVD. For a chance to win leave a comment below telling us why you want to add AMERICA’S BOOK OF SECRETS to your DVD collection. Only one entry per person. Contest ends September 18th. Winners will be notified on September 19th via email so make sure to use a valid email address when you post your comment.

DVD RELEASE DATE : September, 18th 2012  Click Here To Buy

From beyond the indestructible armored doors of Fort Knox to the unexplained ritualistic symbols of the Freemasons, HISTORY® acquires the exclusive key to our country’s most iconic institutions in AMERICA’S BOOK OF SECRETS, one of the exciting original programs airing on H2, now available in 70MM households!

In the tradition of best-selling and top-rated HISTORY specials and series such as THE PRESIDENT’S BOOK OF SECRET and BRAD MELTZER’S DECODED, this revealing series exposes the timeless mysteries of our most guarded institutions via a feature-length special that leads into an in-depth 10 episode exploration featuring The White House, The Pentagon, Area 51, Freemasons, Fort Knox, Presidential Transports, The Playboy Mansion, Black Ops, The FBI and West Point.  Perfect for fans of conspiracy theories popularized in the works of Dan Brown, Brad Meltzer and David Baldacci, the 3-disc set also includes a bonus special, “America’s Book of Secrets: The Monuments”.