About V

Appearances were deceiving in “V,” the thrilling new drama series about the world’s first alien encounter. Simultaneously appearing over every major city in the world, the Visitors (or V’s) arrived offering wonders of technology and promoting peace. While the world quickly embraced the V’s as saviors, an FBI Counter Terrorist Agent — and others making up the resistance group called The Fifth Column — quickly discovered that the Visitors are not who they said they are. Will humanity stop being fooled and realize the Visitors’ true intentions before it’s too late and they take over Earth?

“V” stars Elizabeth Mitchell as Erica Evans, Morris Chestnut as Ryan Nichols, Joel Gretsch as Father Jack, Lourdes Benedicto as Valerie, Logan Huffman as Tyler Evans, Laura Vandervoort as Lisa, with Morena Baccarin as Anna and Scott Wolf as Chad Decker.

“V” is produced by HDFilms in association with Warner Bros. Television