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‘TIL DEATH: L-R: Joely Fisher, Kat Foster, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Brad Garrett in ‘TIL DEATH ©2006 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Scott Schafer/FOX
’TIL DEATH is a comedy about long-married couple EDDIE (Brad Garrett) and JOY STARK (Joely Fisher) – a husband and wife who have grown so comfortable that their 40th birthday present to each other was the pledge that they could now both get fat – and their young next-door neighbors JEFF (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and STEPH WOODCOCK (Kat Foster). The Woodcocks are idealistic, passionate, adorable – and, to Joy and Eddie … slightly ridiculous.

One of the few traditional sitcoms currently on the air, ’TIL DEATH explores marriage and friendship from two very different perspectives: It’s about the excitement of new romance, and the challenge of keeping old romance alive; and it’s about the funny, and annoying, things that happen between husband and wife and neighbors each day … after day … after day.

Eddie is a cynical realist who considers himself an expert on most topics, especially marriage. But as much as he gripes, ultimately, he truly loves Joy and knows they’re meant for each other. Jeff, on the other hand, is the tightly wound high school vice principal who loves Steph – her promiscuous past and all. And although the Woodcocks can really annoy the Starks, Eddie and Joy often find themselves turning to the idealistic younger couple for help and inspiration.

This season, Eddie scores serious points when he reveals a secret about his basketball skills to Joy; Jeff accepts a challenge from a rival principal; Joy shows off her Mariah Carey-like vocal chops and Kat finally finishes her thesis.

From Sony Pictures Television, ’TIL DEATH was created by real-life husband and wife Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa (“The King of Queens,” “What Women Want,” “13 Going On 30”), who also serve as executive producers. They look forward to being together ’TIL DEATH.