About Greek

GRΣΣK” focuses on college life, the social minefield that is the Greek system, and on a cast of characters who are trying to navigate their way through this treacherous terrain at Cyprus-Rhodes University. The series returns to ABC Family on MONDAY, MARCH 24 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET).

Rusty (Jacob Zachar) is determined to make his college experience more exciting than his high school years, which he spent with his head buried in the books. His answer: No more geek, he’s going Greek! However he faces one small obstacle… his sister!

Casey (Spencer Grammer), already ensconced as a sorority siren and not too keen on having her younger brother invade her world, is a high achiever and already at the top of her sorority game. As next in line to become the president of Zeta Beta Zeta, she can be seen around campus with fraternity hottie Evan.

Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), president of the Kappa Tau — which is known for its outrageous parties — is Casey’s crazy cool ex-boyfriend who, by all accounts, cannot be taken seriously. However he might prove to be more than meets the eye.

Evan (Jake McDorman) is the president of one of Cyprus-Rhodes’ top fraternities, Omega Chi, and clearly one of the most sought-after men on campus. Together he and Casey are considered campus royalty.

Dale (Clark Duke), Rusty’s roommate, is a fellow engineering school student who holds some rather conservative and unusual ideals. His disdain for Rusty’s pursuit of the Greek life is clear from the moment they meet and will continue to be a thorn in Rusty’s side.

Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) is a Senator’s daughter who is considered the prize “get” for the sororities on campus due to the prestige she would bring. But there is more to Rebecca than her polished exterior, which could bring more trouble than prestige.

Calvin (Paul James), a newfound friend of Rusty’s, is one of those guys who always knows exactly what to say… and his story always changes to fit the room. With his ever-changing positions, it’s hard to know who the real Calvin is.

Ashleigh (Amber Stevens), Casey’s BFF, is the perfect best friend and supports Casey in her run to the top of the sorority. For those who need to know what’s happening on campus, she’s the go-to-gal for gossip.