To Go Retro For The Premiere Of Life On Mars To Go Retro For The Premiere Of Life On Mars

Beginning Thursday, October 9, the home page of will give a nod to 1973 with a retro main page for the premiere of the new drama, “Life on Mars.”
The home page will offer the same categories (schedule, shows, community, full episode player, etc.) but in the signature monochromatic green font, popular to DOS in the ‘70s. After clicking on their desired section, users will be transported back to the of 2008.
Additional “Life on Mars” features include:

•    “Welcome to 1973 Radio” – Get down with streaming songs on the 1973 Radio Player. The selections will include album cover art, song title and album title.
•     “The Sam Tyler Challenge” – Fans place themselves in Detective Sam Tyler's shoes when they’re confronted with a series of situations that test how well they would fare living in 1973 versus 2008.
•    “Life on Mars” 1973 Computer Electronic Game – Fans play a computer game that features segments containing trivia and factoids about the year 1973.
•    “Life on Mars” Branded Embeddable Short Form Player – check out extensive behind-the-scenes footage and share the video with your friends.