A Lost TakeFive

It feels like we’ve been apart forever folks, but there’s no time better than the present for a Take Five to celebrate the return of LOST!  I am so excited for this 5th season (which, based on the first three episodes, should be amazing).  Now that we know Jack knows that Claire is his sister (my favorite revelation) and I’ve all but given up on a Danielle back-story episode, let’s discuss the five things I hope to see revealed this season that are still unanswered –

1.    What does the four toed statue mean?  If there’s anything I’ve learned from obsessing over this show, it’s that nothing shown on screen doesn’t matter.  So the fact that Jin, Sayid, and Sun saw a giant 4–toed statue has to mean something.  I really hope that the give us a back story and explain at least a little bit!  Even if someone from the past gives us a small sentence or two about it – I’ll feel better.

2.    Why does Charles Widmore care so much about this island?
  I want to know what his investment in the island is.  Yeah, I get that he hates Ben Linus, and he is responsible for Ben’s daughter dying, so he’s a big old jerk (Alan Dale plays them better than anyone), but I’m not sure I understand his reasoning behind this particular island, and I’d like to know exactly what’s going on

3.    What does Charlotte mean about wanting to get back to the place where she was born?
  When was she born?  Where was she born?  Who is her mother (because it HAS to be significant)?  How did she know she was born on the island?  Was she lying to Dan?  There are so many questions based off of this one question, so I hope we get a good Charlotte backstory!

4.    What is up with Dr. Candle?  Sometimes he has different names.  And sometimes he has a hand and sometimes he doesn’t.  Maybe they could explain that a little bit more, give us some good background on the mysterious Dr?

5.    What happened to Jin and Claire?  I know that Carlton and Damon have gone on record saying that Claire won’t be around this season, but I’d still like to know what happened to her.  Also, Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) is a series regular, so someone better explain where he is – is he in heaven, is in the past on the island, and is he in the future?  Just a little bit of anything might be fantastic!